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my ideas for upgrades and robots.

A topic by thatonewierdgamer created Mar 21, 2017 Views: 117 Replies: 2
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flytron is a flying spider tron head that drops bombs on you.trates include

moves half as fast as a mark 1 sword bot.

is at a fixed height reachable by a jump slash with a sword.


kickbot is basically just a pair of legs with a head that kicks you over.(that's it)


1:high jump

like the name states this upgrade gives you a high jump so you can...well..... jump higher.

2:ground pound

this upgrade comes after high jump well in the air you smash down to the ground and create a small shock wave that knocks over any near robots. an upgrade would make the shock wave bigger.

thank you for reading.

Flytron sounds cool!