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you mean like Fire < Magma < Scorching?

rather than Fire > Magma > Scorching

but other than that, great!

me too!

I die just thinking about it

Yes! I've thought about this myself, and I think it is very cool

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1. Jetpack

2. Energy and Block arrows

3. Flame breath (if you have it)

4. Clone

Then you can get things like kick, or bow, or hammer. I just find those first five to be the most important.


So, this is a small list of things that I think should be added or changed:

UPGRADES IN TWITCH MODE: in twitch mode, viewer can give the streamer upgrade points

PICK YOUR POISON: just allows the player to pick their starting weapon in story or endless mode. (ex. starting with a hammer instead of sword)

SHOCK WAVE: I've noticed that the hammer isn't what it's cracked up to be, so maybe the hammer creates a small shock wave when it smacks into the ground. This knocks enemies down like a spider-tron bomb. This shock wave would grow more powerful the bigger the hammer is.

FLAME KICK: Sets the kicked enemy on fire

ONE LEG CHALLENGE: Player has to complete 10 levels with one leg

Instead of calling the cannibal-bot cannibal-bot, maybe shrapnel-bot is a better name

(love the new ideas by the way)

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Yea I think so too

HE HE HE that sounds FUN

I like it!

Love the ideas!

I think clone drone should have a poison upgrade for the sword, hammer, and bow. When an enemy is hit by poison, they walk slower, and in random directions for a small duration. When the player is hit by poison their screen goes multi-colored, their controls are scrambled, and they are slower for a short duration. Upgrades for the poison can be longer duration, and poison immunity. Let me know if you like what you hear! ;)

I want it too!

Thanks! ;)

Accept I've been trying to do the hammer only challenge

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to kill The Mark III Hammer Bot? He's so op! It gets me really angry, especially when your one level 13 of the hammer challenge, and one level with a mark III hammer bot, and he destroys you and your two clones without breaking a sweat! *sigh* It's really frustrating.

(though it might be that I have only started playing on the steam release, so I might not have enough practice)


I also think it should have bigger flames

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I love it! Especially the cannibal-bot

oh ok, thanks

Basically, Spider tron 5000's, and Spider tron 6000's bombs set you on fire if you hit by them.

(Ans maybe ice vertions as well, see my ice post for more)

I've seen some people using camera mode, and I want to know how.

This upgrade would be bought and gotten out with 4. When holding boomerang press left/right click to throw. The boomerang will cause about the same damage as the bow, but after a certain amount of time, will come back to you and you will catch it. You can only throw the boomerang if you are holding it(like you would think).

Upgrades would include;

Bounce: this makes the boomerang bounce from one enamy to an other if it hits one when first thown

Boomerang size: makes the boomerang larger

Speed: makes boomerang fly faster

Fire Boomerang: The boomerang is on fire

Ice Boomerang: The boomerang is frosted(see more on my ice suggestion)

New ice traps would include ice platforms that you would slip on, and ice platforms that would freeze any part of you that touches it

Wow! Your full of great ideas! ;)

I like it! That sound very fun!

I love the possess idea!

The ice could freeze enemies in place. The ice sword would be unlocked immediately, but the ice arrow and ice hammer would be unlocked though the bow only challenge and the hammer only challenge. Ice breath would be unlocked though a challenge like the inferno challenge, but with ice based enemies. You would not be able to have a fire sword and an ice sword, once you got one the other would get a cross though it.

Since the new update added fire, why not have ice?

I would love multiplayer to be in clone drone!

That would be awesome!

P.S. I really like the berserk idea!

How about a buy-able ability that allows you to throw your sword at enemies, and bounces between them?

I prefer a combination. It takes energy and works slowly like one, but you need to buy it to use it, like two.

I like them all!

I think that could be really cool!

There could also be a spiked ball upgrade