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Just same Ideas for Game :)

A topic by The_Khuzdul1 created Feb 06, 2017 Views: 359 Replies: 10
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Just some Ideas I have for the Game. Please enjoy.


Heal: when dealt a killing blow, your body pixel will fall apart and then rejoin back together, making you the same as you were before you were hit. You will be unable to be damaged for 1 second after. Any enemy robot(s) near you will be disabled for half a second.

Possess: upgrade branch from Heal. When you die and have no clones, allows you to take over the enemy robot closest to you. you cannot do this again if you die in the taken body. once you get another clone, and die in the taken body, you may use this ability again.

Wings: an upgrade branching off from the Jetpack. allows you to go upwards when boosting with the jetpack. when wings are broken, your flight ability will be disabled, and you will need to purchase it again. when flying and your wings are broken, you will fall, no matter what.

Armour: this allows you to take less damage from hits. Has two levels, first does 25% protection, second does 50% protection. Does no protection from the hammer.

All Enemy robots can have these upgrades as well.

Enemy Robots:

Hammer Robots: Can not die from 1 hammer hit, it will take two hits to kill a Hammer Robot.

Emperor: if you shoot the Emperor, he will get angry and come down to fight you, no matter what. He has all upgrades and is hard to kill. cannot be one-shot-killed by the hammer, it only takes down a small part of his body. Emperor's body cannot be Possessed, nor can he possess your player.

(and a Bunch of new Robots with different Upgrade Combos)


Spikes: Randomly poke out of the floor, in any location, and kills any robot (except Emperor and Hammer Bots) instantly.

Thanks for reading, And I hope you enjoyed, and thought about my suggestions.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Possess sounds fun. :D
A variant could also be some form of mind control, where you don't leave your body to switch the team of the target.

Thanks Doborog Games! And yes, that could be cool, just turn a random robot on their own team. :D Thanks Again!


arrows with bombs and new weapons saw

the increase of the jump,the axe,the ability to fly

increase sword

nice idea Khuzdul1! Maybe when you Possess something your upgrades are limited to what that bot can do? That way dying on a harder enemy is more rewarding.

right what i was going for :)

Me in the game:

(EnderWitherX) Oh, fudge, I’m gonna die! *dashes straight into a MK3 Combat Archer, and dies*

(MK3 Combat Archer) System override!!

(EnderWitherX) Heck yeah! Time to do some damage! *murderizes every single robot in the arena because MK3 Combat Archers are OP*

(Analysis-Bot #0.5.2) Erik! get started on mk4 combat archers!!!!!!!!!!



I love the possess idea!