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Nunivyer Business

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Why isn't this already a thing?

We have Black & Grey/Gray and 3 shades of blue. Why not white?


These would be similar to the hammer in that they would have a windup, and be unable to block arrows. However, a great sword would be bigger (Default maybe the Overseer) and slice multiple enemies in rows, instead of shattering or slicing one.

Noxious Gas.

This gas would basically corrode the player, but only slowly- They could run through a small cloud and have no damage, or jet pack through a field of it. It could be emitted by a modified smoke machine, and possibly a new Spider-Tron.


This is a popular idea, but could there be a way for the player to throw bombs? Maybe have explosive arrows?


With a certain upgrade, the player would sacrifice his ability to rotate arrows to switch them, possibly from:

Fire arrows. We know these.

Beam arrows. These are much, MUCH faster traveling, but smaller and can’t be set alight. They also cost lots more energy.

Explosive arrows. These explode where they touch, and a possible upgrade could make them spawn a few bombs as well, like ST-6K.

Homing arrows. The homing effect would be subtle, but enough to correct near misses. Also targets ST eyes, Raptor... flame bags, and various kill zones with an upgrade.

Flame Armor.

With an upgrade, armor repels flames from all but actual lava, making it tougher and actually useful again Raptors.

Hammer Upgrades.

Possibly some upgrades to reduce winding time slightly?

Select level play.

The capability to select and play any Workshop level independently of waiting for it through Endless.


For either modifying levels for personal use, or publishing specially-tagged levels to the Workshop, remixing allows you to open the Level Editor with a certain map loaded, and edit it or see how it works. If published, this could be another Workshop tag.

Better Editor.

Don’t get me wrong,  I love the editor, but I think there are definitely some improvements to be made. 

For example, making ‘moving’ another checked box for all ‘basics’ items, as well as windows etc. This way, it’s easier to make a pre-placed item move, and lets people have sliding glass doors or moving ramps. This would also fix a minor bug, where no moving platforms can be ‘classic Red.’

Also, removing the 20-enemy limit. I love sequential kill-this-wave levels, but I feel they’re limited due to the ban. I get why you did it, but it’s still too easy to enemy-spam. (Pro tip: Butcher your game with 20 simultaneous Overseers).

Wall color changing. I like the basic arena, but when I try to make office levels, I have to carefully realign walls to cover up the Grey walls and red banners. If we could change the wall color/type or even remove them altogether, that would be great.

Beam bots.

These bots would hold a massive, underarm cannon that shoots the Fleet Overseer’s beam. However, instead of a slow track and the line, these bots would directly chase the player, aiming for the floor right behind it 0.3 seconds ago (or however long is balanced).

Armor Dispensers for Editors.

In Sotry mode, I loved the new levels, but I also really enjoyed the armor dispensers (and playing as businessmen! Other feature idea?) and how they offered in-level reapplication, possibly for before a boss battle.

I highly doubt this’ll even be read, but if it is, thanks! I hope some of these ideas don’t go unheard!

Maybe the jetpack could be the third addon to the pre-existing one, where you hold space in the air to hover/fly. It would use a little more energy (since it's lifting you). I've always been challenged with the parkour in this game, so this could be a nice addon for mapakers.

Same! Not a bug, though....

Have you seen the Mk.3 Hammerbot? Their windup is basically a hammer swing!

i a mi tambien!

agreed! Maybe, in the far future, you would be able to select a robot's skin! (Default, Samurai, Kinght, etc.)

ohhh ok. Thx!

Everyone says you have to chop spidertron's legs, but I can easily just jump up and slice/whack his face off? Am I missing something?

I don't know if community support will help your idea, but I support it.

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Could you add Nunivyer Business? Or Lady Affable.

Come to think of it, any titles would be cool....

Eso parece un error que no deben arreglar. Tal vez eso podría ser una actualización.

(Anaylisis Bot) It is neccesary. We must move on.

I killed the Mark I swordbot in the first level. Took his corpse and sliced it into bits. Sliced the bits into voxels. Sliced the voxels into nothingness. Then a garbagebot came out and started bouncing around (That's the only way to describe it) in the arena. Played with it for a bit, then I sliced off the cube. Now there are four disembodied voxels flying around.

Also I think commentatron will kill me.

The basics of this idea are that the player can create their own level using everything in levels currently (Pillars, spikes, saws. etc) and then test it, maybe save them for later use?

More in-depth things in this mode:

Customising player's upgrades: Maybe give the player upgrades so that when they play the level, they have the bow or kick, etc.

Chaining levels together: The author can say, "this level occurs once the player beats that other level I made," or something.

Rectangle Resizing: The player can put down a small rectangle, then click and drag on one corner to change the size.

Upgrading Bots: The player can put down a swordsman (sword bot?), then rightclick and set it to Mark III if they're a terrible person. Same w/ Jetpack Bots, archers, and Spidertron. Oh, and hammerbots, those monsters.

Jump Pad Control: The author can change where the jump pad will take the player by dragging a target icon. If the icon is on the pad, the player can change the height somehow.

So yeah, any other ideas on this, put them below and if we get lucky the almighty Doborog will take heed.

nice idea Khuzdul1! Maybe when you Possess something your upgrades are limited to what that bot can do? That way dying on a harder enemy is more rewarding.