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A topic by Creeper384 created Mar 18, 2017 Views: 237 Replies: 11
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Since the new update added fire, why not have ice?


The ice could freeze enemies in place. The ice sword would be unlocked immediately, but the ice arrow and ice hammer would be unlocked though the bow only challenge and the hammer only challenge. Ice breath would be unlocked though a challenge like the inferno challenge, but with ice based enemies. You would not be able to have a fire sword and an ice sword, once you got one the other would get a cross though it.

Instead of ice breath, what about an ice ball? You would still cough up the ball, but where it lands it creates a ring, and all enemies in the ring have ice spikes come from the ground and stab them.

New ice traps would include ice platforms that you would slip on, and ice platforms that would freeze any part of you that touches it

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What about thin ice that shatters shortly after you step on it and ice water that destroys your robot's circuts?

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Maybe when you get it by a frozen weapon that part of your body gets frozen, and you can't use that part for some time until you thaw out (eg. one of your legs frozen = can't move for 3 secs. one of your arms frozen = can't use the bow for a few seconds)

It will be cool if frozen robots parts are harder to cut through since there is an extra layer of ice to cut through, so a strategy would be to freeze their legs (so that they can't run around) or their arms (so that they cant attack or block with sword) and attack wherever they are vulnerable. Maybe the fire sword slices through ice like nothing.

There can also be an upgrade where you thaw out much quicker.


Love the ideas!


Its likely this game would have elemental weapons considering it has fire

Yea I think so too

I also think there should be different tiers of elements.

Fire > Magma > Scorching

Ice > Frost > Glacier

Each new tier being a harder version of the previous.

you mean like Fire < Magma < Scorching?

rather than Fire > Magma > Scorching

but other than that, great!