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Maybe when you get it by a frozen weapon that part of your body gets frozen, and you can't use that part for some time until you thaw out (eg. one of your legs frozen = can't move for 3 secs. one of your arms frozen = can't use the bow for a few seconds)

It will be cool if frozen robots parts are harder to cut through since there is an extra layer of ice to cut through, so a strategy would be to freeze their legs (so that they can't run around) or their arms (so that they cant attack or block with sword) and attack wherever they are vulnerable. Maybe the fire sword slices through ice like nothing.

There can also be an upgrade where you thaw out much quicker.

That'll be pretty cool

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Another thing that can might be interesting is that when you level up to the largest hammer size is that when you hit a pillar, the pillar will fall and squash anything it falls on. Also, Mark III Hammer bots can do this.

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- Add in game currency (with names like computer chips, batteries, steel, etc., can be earned from pvp, story mode or challenges

- Add a profile with username and icon (computer generated names, are used in story mode instead of the username)

- Leveling up system (unlocks new customizable body parts, icons and other perks)


- Multiplayer (3v3 or 5v5, fights in an arena, no friendly fire, all players can choose what starting weapon they want (sword, bow , hammer) and they all start with 3 upgrade points, they can access the upgrade bar wherever they are, when you get a kill, you get an upgrade point, respawn time is about 15 seconds, the team who gets 25 / 40 kills win)

- Story mode (when all 5 humans escape the arena, maybe they can start a rebellion and have a war against the robots)


- Sword

Dual-wielding (gives you two swords, grants you faster attack speed)

Longer sword I and II (increase the sword's range)

- Bow

Arrow speed I and II (increase the speed of the arrow and the drawback speed)

Homing arrows (turns at an extremely small angle towards the closest enemy, but when within a radius around an enemy, turn angle increases drastically, can be aimed above or beside an enemy so that it arcs around them to hit their side or back to avoid being deflected)

Rapid fire I, II and III (shoots 2, 3 or 4 arrows in rapid succession, uses one energy bar)

- Hammer

Shock-wave (when the hammer hits the ground or a wall, it sends out a shock-wave in a small radius, enemy who are close to you will get damaged and are knocked down, enemies further away will only be knocked down)

- Jetpack

Fire trail (when boosting, leaves a small trail of fire that burns enemies behind you)

- Electric whip [NEW]

Unlock whip (unlocks the whip, a semi melee/ranged weapon, when swung, acts like a sword and will cut the person, but deals much less damage, when using the middle mouse button you throw out the whip, and it wraps around the leg of the first enemy hit, disabling them from attacking or moving, within a second you can click the middle button again to pull them towards you, causing them to fall down)

- Armor [NEW]

Unlock armor (gives you an armor that lasts until it is destroyed, can be repaired every round using a skill point, acts like a shell that absorbs all the damage from an attack, but where it is hit, that part will break)

- Shield [NEW]

Unlock shield (unlocks the shield, which has no effect until you press Q or E, which will block all attacks from a side (including arrows and hammer hits, although it still gets knockback from hammer hits) as long as you hold the button but does not allow you to attack during that time, Q will block all attacks from left, front and top, E will block all attacks from right, front and top (maybe change the upgrade bot key to another key other than E))

(the new upgrades for the swords, bow, hammer, and jetpack can be unlocked by completing challenges)


- Can change the color, look and design of your robot (some parts are unlocked when leveling up, while others are bought using in game currency, except for the basic model)

- Can change the look of your weapon (eg. sword, hammer, bow, whip, shield, armor, also unlocked through leveling up or using in game currency)

Balancing changes:

- The energy regeneration overall should be faster (including the upgrades)

- Decrease the hammer swing time just a tiny little bit

- Spidertron bombs have a smaller explosion radius, but deals damage consistently near the center of the explosion

- Why does cutting off your left arm not affect you, but cutting off your right one kills you instantly? robots should be able to swing their swords even with one arm no matter which one (left handed people have rights too!)

Bug fixes:

- You should not be able to move your mouse outside of the game window unless it is paused or in the menu. I have a dual-monitor, and after i press spacebar i always moved my mouse outside the window to move my in game camera, and whenever i clicked to attack, i moved to the window my mouse was on and i could not play the game

- In the death cube 1.0 level, you were able to walk under the ramp and glitch out in front of the ramp