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Repair Idea

A topic by Cynothus created Feb 16, 2017 Views: 232 Replies: 7
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I thought of 2 ways that you might implement repairing..

1. You just can heal. Whenever you get a limb lopped off, you spend energy to regenerate voxels slowly to heal it. Now, you won't die from losing any limbs, but if your head gets hit while limping around and waiting for your leg or weapon arm to come back, that's it .You would have no control over when you are using the energy, so its a bit less over-powered.you spend energy to get it back

2. Healing would be and upgrade. Same as the first, you won't die from losing limbs and it takes energy.

I like 2. better. Which would you prefer?

I prefer a combination. It takes energy and works slowly like one, but you need to buy it to use it, like two.

That is what I meant by number 2, but I didn't make it clear. Thanks for the feedback.

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i want number one......

i have an idea...

you know what idea....


I like this

I heard someone using my memes.

now look at this laser net that I just found. When I say go be ready to throw! *the mark 1 robots throw the laser net * killing me instantly*


the mystery of the net still needs to be untangled -Kvasir