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titanium level 157 :D

the times have changed

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20 without upgrades but its hard as **** when it comes to level 2 jetpacks and level 3 hammers and jetpack hammers i was litterally just screaming at my friend the whole time LIKE ALL I SEE IS DEATH

Hate to be that guy but 69


I honestly just deep into the bow upgrades once u get aimtime 2 some energy and fire arrows no hammer or spidertron is a threat add this to jetpack and kick and you are god

The new kick challenge was annoying at first but you get the hang of it fast just watch out on that jetpack 1

if anyone wants to talk strategy add me on curse at GEUSTLOL but let me know your username before hand so i can add you

jetpack kick aimtime 2 with fire 2 beats all enemies


i agree with it being the hardest and hope we are rewarded in the future but what would that reward be? how about more energy regen? enough is never enough

another suggestion i do is make your attack hit first start your attack before your in range before he starts his then ram it into him and hopefully kill him or jetpack hammer him out of existence

ever been to level 40 with 4 clones? my high score is in the 50s because by the time i get there ive been playing so long im just bored of being immortal and start getting reckless beat all the challenges to taking them all to the 30s

damn i knew that score was suspicious of course it was the mighty commentatron getting him up there

please make this a thing

you say for a while but I feel they still are lol

I just beat all of the challenges

I apologize for wasting your time after restarting steam it became purchasable again. Thank you for your concern and sorry.

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Id say the bow is probably the strongest when fully upgraded. There are only 3 enemies(that I can think of off the top of my head) that cant be killed with it and even then there are ways to get around that. Usually any run where i manage to upgrade the bow fully is guaranteed to reach high titanium. You beat the mk3 archers and sword/fire bots by kicking then shooting before they can get up. However despite my previous points i will agree that the bow is probably the weakest weapon early game. Its like one of those games where you get the worst weapon and you keep putting money into upgrading it and it becomes the best. ( by fully upgraded I mean energy to the max as well. This does not take into account fire arrows or the level 3 arrow width as those can be done without without to much impact on performance.)

Im trying to gift the game to my friend on steam but i cant purchase it. How should I gift it to him?

Clone drone has a huge update tomorrow as it comes to steam let the hype begin.

New score targeted preparing to beat

what do i win?

Update you motivated me to beat you.... LEVEL 56

Lol this isn't no man's sky and if you are concerned he has streamed with it.

I was practicing for the upcoming challenges. I decided to practice the sword only challenge. Not only did I make it to titanium, I made it into one of my best runs.

it would be pretty balanced in coop but in pvp probably not

or maybe something like a black hole that would be amazing

seriously or when you kill a mark 3 hammer bot mid swing and it just stands there hammer still raised striking fear into your heart as the very pinnacle of robots.

it would be amazing beyond amazing if you added some sort of telekinesis to this game even just a like a force push.

cant forced his owner to give him mine

harry potter reference.


if you are making a fire upgrade would it be possible to do the same with lightning like for the sword it would increase attack speed amd be unblockable and for the bow it would increase travel speed.

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YOU NEED TO CHILL im getting to impatient now but you're amazing. That energy consumption looks insane.

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Doborog it was stated that beating some of the challenges would grant upgrades. Can we get a hint as to what these are?

Doborog can you announce your twitch streaming schedule?

you would go to add a game-activate a product on steam and enter the code there.