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Intentional feature?

A topic by EnderWitherX created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 318 Replies: 14
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Erik, I don't know if this was intentional, but I discovered a really simple counter triangle on the game! Kind of like Rock-Paper-Scissors, and here it is:

Hammer V

^Bow < Sword

I can explain in more detail:


The hammer is (on paper, because it sometimes takes a single voxel off. >:( ) the most powerful weapon on the game, with a huge PTK (Potential To Kill), capable of dealing a powerful, unblockable strike, which deals considerable damage and is almost guaranteed to kill a robot in one hit, however, despite this, a skilled bow user AKA MK3 Combat Flipping Campers can easily dispatch a hammer wielder, because of the inability to block arrows.


The sword is the game's starter, and most basic weapon at the moment, it has two main special abilities, other than, obviously, chopping robots in pieces, it can be imbued with a fire effect, which increases its PTK reasonably, the other ability is to block arrows, thus, succesfully countering most archers, the MK3 variant of the Sword Robots has this ability, thus making them almost impossible to kill with a bow, it's also the only weapon that can block any attack except for hammer strikes.


In my opinion, the weakest weapon in the game, with a low PTK, and slow moving projectiles, it may be just because of my total inability to shoot a ranged weapon that isn't a gun in most games, and, for some reason, the archers are the most annoying enemies in the entire game... ugh, but, anyways, it's true power shines in taking down hammer wielders, as they can't block arrows, unless they dodge, which is extremely improbable, as their movement is rather slow, and they are really BIG, but this weapon can be easily countered by the sword with the block arrows upgrade.

I think sword is actually beter than the hammer ,beacause it's slices hamerbots in half before they even raise their hammers and it is even easier to do with jetpack. Didn't realy work on the Mk3 HammerBot though. XD

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Id say the bow is probably the strongest when fully upgraded. There are only 3 enemies(that I can think of off the top of my head) that cant be killed with it and even then there are ways to get around that. Usually any run where i manage to upgrade the bow fully is guaranteed to reach high titanium. You beat the mk3 archers and sword/fire bots by kicking then shooting before they can get up. However despite my previous points i will agree that the bow is probably the weakest weapon early game. Its like one of those games where you get the worst weapon and you keep putting money into upgrading it and it becomes the best. ( by fully upgraded I mean energy to the max as well. This does not take into account fire arrows or the level 3 arrow width as those can be done without without to much impact on performance.)

you think bow is weak. You obviously have not completed bow only challenge


I actually have... hahaha... I'm just... basically the equivalent to a dizzy blind man while aiming... it was midnight when I finished it.

oh :P I got it first try :)

Well, at least I got both the hammer challenge AND the inferno challenge first try.


I ahet teh hammur chaleng.

it keeps on kilimg me


This is a good outline of the counters I think. :)

In addition to the bow I would put jetpack and fire as counters to the hammer bots.
The way fire ended up working was a direct response to the tendency for hammer3s to take damage without dying due to their large body size.

So it's less of a triangle and more of a complex set of arrows where many things can be used to overcome the challenges posed by the various other weapons.

Definitely something I think about a lot though. The overhauled kick was a direct counter to the cursed mark 2 jetpack bots, who were the apex predator of Endless Mode for a while.


In my opinion, fire is a counter for both MK3 Hammers and bad aim, since it raises the PTK of weapons by removing extra voxels, which may make that arrow that struck the robot in the middle of its chest chop the same robot in half, and it's also a counter for (sigh) Combine Archers, since they are so... I don't know, "blocky", or "defensive" :P, also, are they supposed to block arrows with a bow? I saw a MK3 Combine do that.

Disclaimer: the next few pieces of reply are only MY opinion, if you don't agree with them, don't burn me at the stake, viewer discretion advised. Why did I say that?

I don't really use jetpack for combat, ever since the hammer was nerfed, I use it more for transportation and dodging, and also to have a speck of mobility when a leg is chopped off.

The kick is not only a counter for MK2 Jetpacks, but also the holy grail of bow only challenge and also an ability to get you some thinking time and possibly an execution (Which is what I call kicking a robot to the ground and killing it while grounded) When I play endless I even neglect getting a clone as first upgrade and instead settle for the almighty kick.

wahts the best way to beat hammur challenge

you say for a while but I feel they still are lol

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Based on some extra analysis AKA Doborog's comment, I decided to redo the counter structure, instead writing the counters and characteristics for each robot enemy (NOTE: Most robot names are non-official, unless Doborog decides to adopt them):

MK1 Sword Fighter: Mostly a nuisance when in small numbers, but in larger numbers it can distract you from stronger enemies and even overrun you. It is easy to kill, but in large numbers I'd reccomend a hammer, due to it being unblockable, or fire breath, basically any unblockable AOE attack to take down multiple enemies at a time. DANGER LEVEL=1

MK1 Combat Archer: Again, mostly a nuisance, but can easily kill you if you're not paying attention. You should always try to fight archers with at least Block Arrows I swords, and NEVER turn your back to them (Kind of like weeping angels or something like that... *shiver*), Block Arrows III makes them a joke, and Fire Sword makes it so reflected arrows catch on fire, increasing the PTK of the shots. DANGER LEVEL=1.5

MK1 Hammer Enforcer: The only other MK1 robot that is actually a threat, its hammer has a longer reach than a sword, and it has some punch packed to it. Fighting from a distance is reccomended, so, trust your bow and the Hammer bot's possible stupidity. If you don't have a bow, try using a sword, and not a hammer, unless your hammer has Hammer Size II or III, due to the sword's increased speed, fire is also a good counter against it due to its larger body size, which makes the MK1 Hammer more resistant to attacks. DANGER LEVEL=2

MK1 Jetpack Interceptor: The most powerful MK1 robot, its jetpack can be used to dash around the arena, and its ability to hold its sword in place while dashing makes it a formidable foe, its also extremely tough to hit it with a bow without knocking it down first. It is, though, possible to kick the Jetpack while its dashing, if you knock it down it will take a good while to get up, thus, get the kick and happy MK1 Jetpack hunting! DANGER LEVEL=2.4

"Spidertron 5000" MK5 Arachnid Bomber : It might seem imposing and terrifying at first, but its actually just annoying, the bombs it lobs do basically no damage, and the greatest danger you'll get from this oversized deformed spider will be getting knocked onto traps, it can be easily killed by an arrow to its weak point, or a timed sword swipe mid jump, fire is reccomended, because, if you manage to miss the weak spot, the spreading fire will still have a great chance of destroying it. DANGER LEVEL=1.9

MK2 Sword Fighter: Imagine a MK1 Sword, but slightly stronger and smarter, yeah, it's still simple to kill this guy. DANGER LEVEL=2

MK2 Combat Archer: Read above, but replace sword with archer. DANGER LEVEL=2.5

MK2 Hammer Enforcer: Yup... you guessed it, read above but replace archer with hammer. DANGER LEVEL=3

MK2 Jetpack Interceptor: Alright, this is the ONLY MK2 robot that isn't just its MK1 variation but slightly stronger and smarter, this is true NIGHTMARE incarnate. It is extremely quick, making even KICKING, which is, by the way, its weakness, tough, if you find one of those in the arena, pray that another robot kills it before it gets close to you. It's basically like this: "In Danger Zone Arena, you don't kill Jetpack 2, JETPACK 2 KILLS YOU!" DANGER LEVEL= "IT'S OVER 9000!!"

MK3 Sword Fighter: This is the (other) nightmare of bow only challenge, this robot has Block Arrows III, and its quick, smart, and resistant, use, and abuse fire on this one, as the smallest swipe might still burn this guy's arm off. DANGER LEVEL=3.2

MK3 Combine Archer: This used to be the most powerful robot in the entire game, dethroned by the MK2 Jetpack, and then lowered even more by the MK4 Combine Archer. This masterpiece of a human sized war machine is the closest you'll get to multiplayer at the moment, it fires Arrow Width III arrows normally, but, when you get close, it pulls out a sword and starts swiping at the player! If you manage to get away, it will start arrowing your face again, I reccomend using the previous Sword/Archer weaknesses on the right times, as to not get killed by this guy. DANGER LEVEL=5

MK3 Hammer Enforcer: Imagine a MK2 Hammer, on steroids, and with a BIGGER hammer, yup, this guy is going to hammer your human mind out of your robot body in an instant, great evasion skills required, fire and jetpack are almost a must, or, you could try and marksman it out of the arena, as its rather big... DANGER LEVEL=4.8

"Spidertron 6000" MK6 Arachnid Bomber: Remember how Spidertron 5000 was easy? Well, this guy's tougher. But still quite a pushover if you know what you're doing, two accurate shots are enough, but, if you don't have a bow, you'll have to chop its legs, as its way too tall to hit with a jump swipe, fire helps, and jetpack can be used by circling around it and putting your sword to the side. It's still kind of a pushover. DANGER LEVEL=3

MK4 Sword Fighter: Imagine a MK3 Sword with fire. It's just hell, nuff said. DANGER LEVEL=4.9

MK4 Combat Archer: Read above, but replace MK3 Sword with MK2 Archer. DANGER LEVEL=4.8

MK4 Combine Archer: Alright, this one is THE toughest enemy (MY OPINION) at the moment, it's a MK3 Combine Archer with fire, what could go wrong? DANGER LEVEL=666666.666

MKX Jethammer Enforceptor: Ugh... imagine the power and size of a Hammer, and the speed and agility of a Jetpack, ta-daaa! You have this abomination of a robot that is only beaten by the best players. Also, some free fire for you, YAY! DANGER LEVEL=10