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Mark III Hammer bot

A topic by Creeper384 created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 315 Replies: 5
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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to kill The Mark III Hammer Bot? He's so op! It gets me really angry, especially when your one level 13 of the hammer challenge, and one level with a mark III hammer bot, and he destroys you and your two clones without breaking a sweat! *sigh* It's really frustrating.

(though it might be that I have only started playing on the steam release, so I might not have enough practice)

jetpack and fire sword are gud. also bow

Accept I've been trying to do the hammer only challenge

Go as close as possible to tím and attack. I while watching humans fight i NOTICED they swing fasster than the hammer bota

Thanks! ;)

another suggestion i do is make your attack hit first start your attack before your in range before he starts his then ram it into him and hopefully kill him or jetpack hammer him out of existence