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Instead of using a spider grid we could use one of these:



Q: How will users unlock other upgrades?

A: Simple, a lock pad will be placed on it displaying "Buy that before being able to buy this"

Q: Where will the repair bot be included?

A: The repair bot will be working in the background applying upgrades as you buy them.

Q: Why use this?

A: It provides a simple navigation through the system all organised making it easier to find the upgrade you wish much more faster and efficiently knowing it's abilities.

I have never heard anyone talk about this so I am just going to leave this laying around...

Add some kind of fan contributors to the game? Like the fans/people that gave ideas to the game which were added to the game?

Add some kind of credits section for the contributors?

It would be cool if the ballista/cannon shot the robots on the arena.

Here is the thing. The developer presented the bots to the arena and have no idea where they are. All they know is that they have to kill the user. If Scorpion decides to leave the arena well tough luck it has it's own mind.

I like the idea but I am scared it will climb out of the arena and attack civillians.

We all love the twitch mode. Seeing all streamers getting destroyed by their fans but there can be some improvements to make the streamers live easier.

- Allow Mods/Operator to use the !givecoins (user) with a restricted amount depending on what the host set.

- Allow audience to !giftcoins (user) . The person who gifted loses that amount and gives it to the user he directed to.

- As we are going to have different types of enemies as in normal ones, fire ect. To make the board much more neat I think there should be tabs added at the top with the type names.

- Add more options for the host to choose to grant users money I guess? Like who ever ends the hosts run will gain a certain amount of money automatically.

"The armour will have a glowing like effect around the character representing a force field around the character. Once the player loses the shield it will slow down time and the shield will go down."

That's the whole point I spent 20 minutes writing all this @alphenhous

We enjoy the idea of having clones that we use to die with a limit of 5 but that's boring have to go back again?

When you use armor you can continue your life after the accident. No worries!


The armour will have a glowing like effect around the character representing a force field around the character. Once the player loses the shield it will slow down time and the shield will go down.


- When character loses the child by damage it will slow down time.

- Prevents death ONCE unless bought again

- Different types of armour protect you from one type of weaponry

- When the hammer/sword hits the armour they get stun.

- When the arrow hits the user the arrow disintegrates.

- The commentators might say "Hej! That's cheating! | A real human would fight without the armour!"

Types of Armour:

Now this is where we get creative...

First off we got the 'Arrow Armour'. This armour will protect you from any kind of projectiles.

We also got the 'Sword Armour' which will protect you from a sword swing.

And the final Armour would be 'Hammer Armour' which will protect you from a hammer swing.

Anyways what are your opinions?

I heard someone using my memes.

Well a poor robot like you most of experienced the most painful ways of death. I feel bad. #Mark3BotLivesMatter

I just mainly summerised the whole thing :P

There is a reason why there is a custom twitch settings for spawns. Allowing viewers to have unlimited spawns would just lag the game and make it unfair for people who want to spawn as the round max spawn would reach.

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I already suggested this in twitch but I want to see what other's think.

After completing a certain task/easter egg you will receive a friendly AI which is the company's dog.


The dog will bark to bring some enemies attention to himself to make your job much more easier...

The dog will sometimes dig up mines that were not activated by the spidertron and activate them if near enemies.


The dog can change it's tail from a normal tail to lightsaber allowing it to fight some enemies.

The dog has a lazer eye right? They might be able to become a ranged unit by shooting lazers or some sort?

Other notes:

The dog will have a separate skill tree.

The dog can be spawned by streamers for 500 coins.

The dog can be controlled once you lose all your lives aka clones.

Cog. On twitch with the developer. I was talking to him about the coop mode/multiplayer. They are planning to add multiplayer/coop but at the near end. They need to finalise most of the game firstly then add servers for the multiplayer to function correctly.

It would be fun to see some kind of object/entity block certain areas or even use for cover.


- Short/Tall wall. This wall can be cut but can bounce off bows. AI should be able to avoid in attacking the wall at any costs unless the player is hiding behind the wall.

- Floating platforms. The platforms should be lifting bow1 enemies but instead bow1 they should be a new unit called platformbow1 ect. These bow men can shoot from the platforms and will often fly away if under the player. The bow men can be shot from the bow or either reached by the player with a sword.

- Gunship turrets: It's not really an obstacle but it brings challenge for players. There is a gunship or let's called it spaceship above the arena. How about we make that ship do something? Drop mines? Shoot down at the player?

- Cover: There should be small type of walls allowing the player to take cover from any attacks. But the cover can be easily jumped over or even cut.

If you need any design needed as in how it looks like ect. Let me know as I have some great ideas for these entities/obstacles.