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Friendly AI idea..

A topic by MrZupa created Feb 08, 2017 Views: 166 Replies: 3
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I already suggested this in twitch but I want to see what other's think.

After completing a certain task/easter egg you will receive a friendly AI which is the company's dog.


The dog will bark to bring some enemies attention to himself to make your job much more easier...

The dog will sometimes dig up mines that were not activated by the spidertron and activate them if near enemies.


The dog can change it's tail from a normal tail to lightsaber allowing it to fight some enemies.

The dog has a lazer eye right? They might be able to become a ranged unit by shooting lazers or some sort?

Other notes:

The dog will have a separate skill tree.

The dog can be spawned by streamers for 500 coins.

The dog can be controlled once you lose all your lives aka clones.


sounds cool :D


that sounds badass

Something like that needs to be added, or in streams the audience should be able to spawn the streamer help aswell as enemies to balance out all the enemies spawned in streams