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A member registered Nov 20, 2016

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Something like that needs to be added, or in streams the audience should be able to spawn the streamer help aswell as enemies to balance out all the enemies spawned in streams

I think that would be awesome, but the lag the streamer would get would be insane...

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I was just thinking about what to play and I had a few ideas on I think could be added to the game to make it even better

My first idea was having a level editor/ level sharing system, You could make and play your own levels

Another idea I had thought of was maybe A weapon like a Dagger, maybe dual wielded, its like the sword but shorter and faster.

My third idea was a upgrade that let you use the grenade type things the spidertron's use, with tiers allowing you to use 1 per level, then making them more efficient, and then 2 per level.

A fourth Idea I just had, came from when they mentioned hammers in a stream I was in, and my first though was a huge hammer coming from a wall and smashing onto the ground as a huge obstacle, it would probably be easy to dodge, but it would still be pretty cool to be turned into a pancake.