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ScorpionBot-1000 and Poison

A topic by R Lord Death and Infinite created Mar 06, 2017 Views: 461 Replies: 17
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My idea is to add a new enemy to Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, similar to SpiderTron-5000, called ScorpionBot-1000

As it is seen in the image, ScorpionBot-1000 has a huge size similar to the SpiderTron-5000, and three KINDS of attacks, three attacks with its claws, three attacks with its tail and two with them both.



With its claws, the ScorpionBot-1000 will be able to grab you, very similar as how Upgradebot does, and then it has 45% of chance of doing to you the attack A, 35% of doing to you the attack B and 20% of doing to you the attack C.

Attack A

In the attack A, the ScorpionBot-1000 will just grab you and throw you far away, now that isn't that bad but some maps of the Endless Mode have sawblades at the corners so, if it throws you at the corner just at the moment a sawblade is coming around, then you die.

Attack B

In this attack, the ScorpionBot-1000 will grab you upside down and smash your head with the floor, then you have 6 seconds to quickly press A and D till a bar fills up to get you out of his claws, if you don't fill the bar in 6 seconds your head will explode because of the smashing.

Attack C

This attack is the most simple and deadly of all because it just consists of ScorpionBot-1000 grabbing you by your legs and tearing you apart causing an instant change of clones or gameover.


With its sting, ScorpionBot-1000 will have a 60% of chance of doing a normal sting attack,10% of doing a spin attack and 30% of doing a charge attack.

Normal Sting Attack

This attack is just a normal attack with the tail just like a real life scorpion trying to reach, with its sting, the player, if the touches the player, the player will enter in a Poison effect which I will explain later.

Spin Attack

As the name says, this attack consists in the ScorpionBot-1000 spinning in circles while he moves around the coliseum like a line of toys known as BeyBlade, if the player is hit with the ScorpionBot-1000's tail in the spin attack, this hit will act like a HammerBot hit, having a 50% of chance of pushing the player or 50% of chance of killing the player.

Charge Attack

In this attack, the ScorpionBot-1000 stands still 2,5 seconds preparing its attack, then it runs really fast towards the human and then tries to sting the human, if the human gets hit he (or she) will automatically die.


These attacks have really weird specifications to ocurr, but one of them ocurrs when the human gets grabbed and has a 40% of chance of happening.

No Escape Sting

In this attack, the ScorpionBot-1000 makes a combination of two attacks making exactly the move of grabbing the player, sting the player while it is on its hand throws him like the Attack A of Claws.

BackWards Kill

For this attack to happen, the ScorpionBot-1000 has to grab the player while the player isn't looking at him, that will make the ScorpionBot-1000 to stab really deeper inside the player's body, getting through it and instant GameOver


Its speed its pretty similar to a normal enemy but a little bit slower.

It can climb through walls.

Some of its attacks can damage other enemies.

It can sting or grab you even if you are on it.

You can cut its legs or arms or even its tail(anyway, I don't recommend doing that and it takes 10 arrows to take its tail down)


As you can see in this images, there are some red and yellow spots on its back, to kill it, you have to jump on him and wait for him to sting itself around that area, that will expose a weak part that can be broken if you hit it with a hammer or 6 times with a sword, that will expose a wire area that with a simple cut of sword or an arrow will make it explode like the SpiderTron

Other form to defeat it is shooting 20 arrows at its face.


Before proceeding with the poison part, I need to explan that, also, I had thought of the idea that, if you cut your enemy's legs or arms or important arm they can still survive, because, when I was playing, a lot of my enemies just died because I cut their hand or both legs or both arms, and that annoyed me so much that I returned to their corpses in mid-battle just to cut their head off or something like because they deserved a realistic death, cutting their hands is not a realistic death, so I say that if we cut the important arm of a robot they just hit slower but they pass their weapon to the other hand, that if we cut their legs off they will just crawl their way to us and try to slice or hit us anyway, if we cut one arm to an archer, that archer will grab one of its arrows and use it like a dagger, that if I cut the arms of a robot, the robot will knock you down by kicking like the kick we can do. What I think we need to do, to kill the robots, is to cut their torso in half or their head or shoot an arrow to their head or to their chest or something like that. And the same can be applied to the player.


The poison of the ScorpionBot-1000 will desintegrate your abilities or your body parts, they will desintegrate systematically(in order), you need to be stabbed with the sting everytime you want to lose a part (if you lost your hamer because of the poison it will not continue automatically to the bow(you will need another sting)) and will take different times(NOTE: If the player doesn't have one of these then it will go for the next)

Hammer: 4 secs

Bow: 4 secs

Jetpack: 4 secs(one second each phase)

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3 (The blue thing is electricity)

Phase 4 (The black thing is smoke)

Left Arm: 8 secs(two seconds each phase)

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Right Leg: 8 secs(two seconds each phase)

Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4

Left Leg: 8 secs(two seconds each phase)

Phase 1,2,3 and 4

RIght Arm: 8 secs(two seconds each phase)

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

I Authorize Doborog to have the rights to use these assets for free and in no way will I receive payment for donating these assets except for gratitude and happiness. However, it must be noted that I used the Demo Version of Qubicle to make these, and as of yet I am not sure these assets are capable to be implemented in the game. I am assuming so, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Download link for the Qubicle files: https://mega.nz/#!cg8CyDQA!PUAo9PzihrsMmPs8IIEb9MCDR4mByAx3S5PM0c0Dnvc

That's all for this post, I hope that in the future I make more posts and bye.

Coming next: Quick Time events, new kind of maps, new challenges, 10 new enemies and Boss Battles

If you don't see the pictures then right click that little symbol and open picture in other window

scrolling through feature suggestions aaaaaaand... O.O this. is. amazing. one question: how much time have you spent on this post? :P

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3 days in the Qubicle models but, like, 9 hours making the post, thanks for your comment

Great idea! But I think the images are broken.

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I know, to see the images, right click the symbol and open in a new window, thanks for your comment

For those who can't see the images http://imgur.com/a/VGmeD

I like the idea but I am scared it will climb out of the arena and attack civillians.

It will only climb the walls like the death cube's walls

Here is the thing. The developer presented the bots to the arena and have no idea where they are. All they know is that they have to kill the user. If Scorpion decides to leave the arena well tough luck it has it's own mind.

It CAN NOT climb outside the arena, as I said before, It will JUST climb walls of things like the death cube, the weird duck with hat thing, etc, it CAN NOT climb outside the arena because it can't climb the walls OF THE ARENA

the level is called the weirdballerinaduck :D

Oh, that's curious, thanks

isn't called weirdassballerinaduck? I think that's how analysis bot said it... And why are you not in the arena??!

oh yeah :P

Well, let's hope Doborog sees this post


It looks super cool! Love the expressive face. :)
Could see something like this being a cool boss fight one day.

Btw, I started fixing those images for you but noticed you had a TON of them! :P

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OMG!! Doborog! Thanks for seeing my post