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A topic by MrZupa created Feb 08, 2017 Views: 102 Replies: 2
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It would be fun to see some kind of object/entity block certain areas or even use for cover.


- Short/Tall wall. This wall can be cut but can bounce off bows. AI should be able to avoid in attacking the wall at any costs unless the player is hiding behind the wall.

- Floating platforms. The platforms should be lifting bow1 enemies but instead bow1 they should be a new unit called platformbow1 ect. These bow men can shoot from the platforms and will often fly away if under the player. The bow men can be shot from the bow or either reached by the player with a sword.

- Gunship turrets: It's not really an obstacle but it brings challenge for players. There is a gunship or let's called it spaceship above the arena. How about we make that ship do something? Drop mines? Shoot down at the player?

- Cover: There should be small type of walls allowing the player to take cover from any attacks. But the cover can be easily jumped over or even cut.

If you need any design needed as in how it looks like ect. Let me know as I have some great ideas for these entities/obstacles.


of course, I can't spell :D