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| Multiplayer Gamemode Ideas! |

A topic by DarkEmperor118 created Feb 11, 2017 Views: 535 Replies: 8
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| Multiplayer Gamemode Ideas |

DISCLAIMER: I know multiplayer modes would most likely be very difficult to add to the game, due to server development and stabilization. These are just some ideas I had since it is such a cool concept to me.

I think multiplayer modes would be very exciting, competitive, and fun! I feel like they would be popular, and would make the community even more alive!

Here are the ideas I could come up with for Multiplayer Gamemodes:


-LAN Co-Op Mode-

Co-Op mode would allow 2 players to work together to get as far as they can in endless mode (of course, more enemies, or more difficult enemies would spawn to balance the game). Upgrades would work as normal to keep it balanced, so one player would get the upgrade at a time. Clone maximum count would be the same, but when any player dies, it takes the clone away from the pool. The player left alive would have to survive until the other player gets back to the arena. If a player dies without a clone left, they are out until another clone is acquired, which would be used in the process to revive the fallen player. If there are no more clones available, the player will be revived in 3 levels (including the round they died in), if the surviving player lives long enough with the increased difficulty from Co-Op mode.

-Online Competitive Mode-
2 players would try to survive 3 levels with different difficulties (A: Gold, Diamond, or Titanium. B: All three successively.) and settings (10 Upgrades, 5 Upgrades, 3 Upgrades, No Upgrades, Hammer Only, Bow Only, etc). If you die, you can spectate the other player finish the level. The winner will be decided on who survived more levels. If you both end with the same results, both of you will continue playing levels until one dies (If you were playing on the 'All three successively' mode, you will continue playing titanium). You can create a private match requiring a password to play with friends. Joining, you would get to pick which difficulty you would like to compete in. When matched against someone, you will both pick your preferred setting, and then the game will decide randomly between the two choices. If your setting wasn't selected, don't quit! If the other player stays in the same lobby as you, your setting will automatically be chosen next!

-Duel Mode- (My Favorite)

In this mode, you will duel against another player in a variety of symmetrical arenas. You can create a Public or Private match with a specific rule set. When creating, you can choose which level you would like to play on and what player settings you would like (Toggle Block Arrows, Kick, Bow, Hammer, etc. 10 Upgrades, 5 Upgrades, 3 Upgrades, No Upgrades). The winner will be decided in a best out of 3, 5, or 7 rounds (your choice). The rounds will start quickly after one another for fast paced gameplay. You can also join Quick Play Mode, which places you in a match with another player with the a random map (spun by a wheel for dramatic affect) and the following settings:

Block Arrows: Disabled

Kick: Disabled

Jet Pack 1, Bow, Arrow Width 3, Hammer 1, and Energy Capacity 1


Even though these ideas are unlikely to be added, I am glad to share them with you! Please give me feedback on how I could improve these ideas, it would be appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to check out my ideas! ;D


Those ideas are pretty nice!

What about a Battle Mode, where teams of 6 players each face off in the arena? Maybe you could pick classes, like Warrior (Arrow Block 1, Hammer), Rogue (Jetpack 1, Energy Capacity 2), Ranger (Bow, Energy 2, Arrow 1)!

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That would be pretty cool. Although, it may not fit in with Clone Drone's gameplay style.

I agree. it feels a little.... minecraft servery


Fun ideas! If we add multiplayer we'll probably go down both coop and vs modes at some point. :

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Thank you, I really appreciate it! :D

Please add multiplayer :D

You put a lot of thought into this. Its very well thought out and would be So happy if any of it gets added

I would love multiplayer to be in clone drone!