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Rust and Cannibal-Bot Suggestions

A topic by cj031015 created Mar 19, 2017 Views: 377 Replies: 21
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Rust: This is a variant of sword/bow/hammer. This ability makes it so that when you hit an enemy, the surrounding areas of its wound will become rusted. This makes them slower and much more brittle

Cannibal-Bot: This robot starts out very small and runs away from the player. Once it detects that an enemy is killed, it will run towards is and attach the remains to itself. Eventually it grows into a large robot made of other robot parts.


Zom-Bot: A robot that can survive with substantially less body parts. Without both legs, it will use its arms to crawl at you, even when it only has one arm. Without any limbs, it will slowly hop towards you. Another possible idea is that maybe it will find its body parts that were cut off and attempt to rebuild itself. The best way to kill it is through decapitation.

Hallucination-Bot: When near this robot the players screen will become slightly darker. It will then imagine more robots around it that aren't real. MK-1 will only create a couple 'ghost' robots, and the robots will be fairly easy to differ from real ones, such as them being glitchy, jittery, and warped. Mk-2 will have them be slightly more real, and slightly more of them. The MK-3 will spawn a large amount of 'ghost' bots that are difficult to differ from real ones.

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I love it! Especially the cannibal-bot



haha, the cannibal is a fun idea!!


please please add the cannibal bot

I want it too!

Please add this!

I think this has some stuff we want so MABE (PLS PLS PLS DOBOROG) it weew be added in the next TINY baby update

Okay. This is random, but when Commentatron said this I had to laugh. "TINY baby update" says Commentatron. What about a baby robot that's super fast but not smart and runs into spikes and blades and stuff?


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I've just added two new enemy ideas

The Hallucination-Bot is a really cool idea. I have a huge set of posts for cool ideas like this, and with your permission I can add a link to this in mine.

Sure, I'd be fine with that. So long as its stated that its my idea :)

Okay! Thanks!


Yay :D

Lol everyone loves you now.

What if when you attack a Hallucination-Bot then the fake ones disappear? Also if you attack a Mark 3 then the fake ones don't disappear but glitch out like the Mark 1?

Yeah I was thinking that all the hallucinations would disappear when you killed the robot

That makes sense too.

Instead of calling the cannibal-bot cannibal-bot, maybe shrapnel-bot is a better name

(love the new ideas by the way)