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Shield Bots!!

A topic by Random Commander created Feb 15, 2017 Views: 1,029 Replies: 18
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The shield bots are a new experimental type of robot that uses a built-in energy generation matrix to power a large laser screen through a specialized contraption called a "laser shield." It has the capability to block many attacks, from arrows and swords to spider-tron bombs! A noteable drawback, however, is that under high amounts of kinetic stress, the laser shield has a tendancy to "short out," leaving the wielder vulnerable to attack. A shorter version of the laser sword, capable of being held in only one hand, is added to the Shield bot's arsenal to provide limited offensive capability.


- Shield Can block Arrows and Spider-bomb pellets forever

- Shield Can block Swords with limited success (costs energy to offset the advantage of blocking swords in a 180-degree span)

- Shield Can block Hammers, but instantly fails afterward

- Shield CANNOT block traps (Sawblades, Spikes, etc.)

- Short Sword CANNOT BLOCK AT ALL, but does not require both hands to use.

- Short Sword is a possible weapon to use with your left hand (but if right hand is cut off, this is the only weapon you can use. Note that IT CANT BLOCK ANYTHING, so you are heavily handicapped in that regard.)

- Shield Bot has slow turning rate (Player is able to flank them and kill them from behind, so this enemy is beatable without requiring a hammer)

I Authorize Doborog to have the rights to use these assets for free and in no way will I receive payment for donating these assets except for gratitude and happiness. However, it must be noted that I used the Demo Version of Qubicle to make these, and as of yet I am not sure these assets are capable to be implemented in the game. I am assuming so, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Link to download Qubicle files is here


Nice!!! These are really cool. I like the power rangers/tron vibe of the enemies. :)
The oversized arm growing larger with each tier is a nice touch too!

Inspiring stuff! Will definitely dig up this post if we get around to implementing some sort of shield like that.


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Maybe there should be another weapon idea... *cough cough* dual Shortswords *cough cough*

they should have a polearm



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they would definetly need a weak point like a spezial upgrade

The shields fail if hit by swords too many times. Or if hit with a hammer. That's their weakness.

Also, if added, perhaps they will fail if the robot is knocked down, too. So kicking or luring them near spider-tron bombs would help.

What did you use to make the art?


It's a 3d voxel-art tool sold on steam.

It's also what Doborog uses to make the models, so I've heard.

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Check out Skylure's Shield, it is much better than my shield, and I think will still fit pretty well with these robots!