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This game is pretty good, like the comments below says it does experience some bugs at times, but if this game ever gets revived and developed again, I have a feeling it would get more and more attention, it's not easy to find animation tycoon type games, so if it does get updated often, I would likely play it a-lot more.

I can help with the cord cause I know alot about creating servers.
But again I am just a stranger and the internet so I guess not.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

how's the update going?
Also, you should probably make a discord soon, it'd be cool.

Please do another update soon, this game is amazing so far and I'd like for it to be bigger

I love the game, It's addicting and fun, a shame that it's very short and you can only do so little, but I understand that it's in VERY early development, this game have big potential and I can't wait until it gets more updates!

Great Idea, but In this early of a stage I kind of feel like it shouldn't be as high of a price as 9.99 just yet.

Should've added a better tutorial

Love the game! The only downside is that updates come out rarely.

Yes, I'm lonely so I need to reply to myself



Hello! This topic is going to be a suggestion for Chapter 3!

So, of course, you'll start with a new character. That character fights 10 levels, but on the 10th level, it will be VERY hard to beat, so then once you're trying to beat the level after a few mins, the two characters from the last two chapters will come from where they were last chapter, and help the player beat the level. When they are done beating the level. The run off somewhere else to plan something to help the humans.

That was what I got so far. I hope you liked the suggestion!

You should make enemy bots on some levels that are copies of Commentatron, and analysis bot that have sweet awesome moves and is better than every1 else.

totally not Commentatron and Analysis bot making me suggest this...

What did you use to make the art?