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Hey! I keep trying out the game again every once in a while, about two days, so I tried it again 2 days since my suggestions. Anyway, since I keep trying it out I decided to review it a little bit, even though I never really reviewed stuff. 

Anyway, I gotta say, I enjoy it! Even though it's not a game where replayability is a main purpose, I still enjoy replaying it, most likely because it's a unique small game. I've never really seen anything of this type before, of course I've seen rythm games, but no games focused on the "Chill Beats" type music, so this is really unique in that regard. I also really like the art, kind of brings out the "Chill" out a bit more in a way. My favorite level is the third one (at the time of there being only three), I like that song a bit more than the others, even though all are good, I also like how more difficult it is, I like more  difficult rythm games, even though half the time I'm not good if it's hard, lol.

There's my review, hoped it helped at least a tad motivation wise.

Also, I tried it out again and decided to do a sort of speed run, I got done in 3 minutes and 46 seconds, from the moment I clicked the play button, to the moment I clicked the stop button.

Keep up the good work!

Hey, thanks for trying out the game so many times, I also really appreciate you taking the time to write a review! ^^

Your speed run time is really helpful, I'm thinking about how long most people take to complete levels so I have some idea of the overall game play time once I add more levels.