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Hi thank you for sharing! :) I enjoyed your beat! 

Hey sorry it took me a while to trying it. But thanks for sharing! :) I really like how it sounds!

Hey thank you for sharing :) I liked the melodies! Nice and clean sounding~

Hey thanks for sharing all of these! I think I liked this one the best out of the three :)

Also did you manage to figure out he problem with the settings? Also If you have the beat string you can always reimport it into the game if you've accidentally deleted it!

There is a guide to sharing and loading at the beginning of this thread, but if you have any questions feel free to ask~ :)

Hello thanks for sharing! :)

It's cool that this was your first experience making music~

If you wanted tips, this is very lo-fi room specific, but I'd recommend leaving "auto-correct" (the magnet) turned on all the time. Otherwise it's really hard to get instruments to line up with each other. 

Also I'd recommend trying to add a bit more of a complex melody over the top of this one (probably with the sticks with the white beaters)

Hey thanks for sharing! 

I really liked the melodies :)

감사합니다 :)

혹시 부산 왔을때 QR code 찍었어요? 제가 어제 신청하신 분들한테 19 레벨 버전 game key 보냈습니다.

신청 못 했다면 여기서 신청하시면 나중에 game key 보내 드릴게요~


감사합니다! :)

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네 부스에 와 주셔서 감사합니다!

혹시 BIC 왔을때 QR code 스캔 했으세요? 제가 어제 신청하신 분들한테 19 레벨 버전 game key 보냈습니다.

신청 못 했다면 여기서 신청하시면 나중에 game key 보내 드릴게요~

Hey thank you for sharing :)

I liked how it sounded! Cool hihats~

If you're waiting for the full version, I'm sorry to say it will probably be a long wait. However if you signed up to be a playtester I just sent out new keys today. If not you can sign up here and I'll send your key in the next batch (although that might be a couple of months away).

Thanks very much :) I'll try share some photos when it's done~

Hi thanks for sharing, I really liked it! :)

Hi thank you for sharing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much! And it's cool that it got you creating music for the first time~

I enjoyed the beat, nice and simple melodies :) 

You may have done this already but if you're interested in trying more levels you can sign up to be a playtester: here

I'll probably do another playtest update and send out new game keys sometime in October if everything goes to plan~

Hi thank you for sharing! Sounds good! To me it didn't seem too busy~

Thank you for sharing~ :)

Hi sorry for the delayed reply, you can look at this thread on how to share beats:

If you're doing that already and your getting stuck somewhere in the process please let me know.

On the web version on the share screen if you press ctrl + c the beat should be copied (I think it's ctrl + c on mac as well, not cmd+c). For the downloadable version there is also a copy button. Please let me know how you get on and if you still can't get it work, please let me know exactly the steps you are trying, which platform you are playing the game on (web, windows, mac, linux) and what keyboard layout you are using.

Thank you!

Hi thank you for sharing! I'm glad the game got you to try making some music :) 

I liked your beat~

Thanks for sharing! I particularly liked the drum beat, it has an interesting rhythm~ :)

(Also fyi, if you'd like to share more of your beats, please do it in this thread: it helps keep things organized)

Thanks :)

Hey thank you for sharing! I enjoyed it! I also like that you made use of the A and B sides for the instruments~

Hi thanks for sharing! The bass is pretty full on, it's a little overwhelming, but it's also kind of a cool effect to stack the notes on each other to increase the volume~

Hi! Interesting beat! Thanks for sharing! 

I'd say if you're interested in playing more levels before the full release (which tbh I think is still going to be quite a long time) you can sign up to be a playtester here and you'll get access to new levels when I next do an update (probably in a few months).

Hey thanks for sharing! :) I like the little diddle-diddle melody on the bell~

Hi thanks for your suggestion! :)

So logistics-wise that would be a bit too hard to setup. What you can do at the moment is: when recording to an mp3 (on the desktop version) you can click the room objects, this will add that sound to mp3 you're recording. It's not quite the same as what you suggested but it would be hard to set something else up.

Also if you're looking to see more of the game, please consider signing up as a playtester: here and when I next update that you should be able to try the new levels. (That will probably be in a couple of months)

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Ah thanks for asking, so "Level Number Too High" means you haven't unlocked the level that they have made the beat for yet. 

If you play through the first 2 levels you should be able to play anything someone has made in the demo version. (finishing level 2 unlocks level 3 - the last demo level)

Does that make sense?

Hi thanks for sharing! :)

Hi thanks for sharing! I liked how the drums dropped in and out~ :)

Hi thanks for sharing! :) I enjoyed the beat!

Hi thanks for sharing! :) I liked it, simple but good~

Hi thanks for sharing! :) Sounds good!

I edited out the overlapping notes for you, here is the changed version:

(In future I'm planning to make some changes that will hopefully prevent duplicate notes)~



Hi thanks for sharing! :) I liked it! Nice and upbeat~

Hi thanks for sharing :) I really liked your beat! Good use of the hi-hat accents and the white guitar~

I'm glad you enjoy the project so much :) In case you haven't already, just to let you know, you can sign up to be a playtester: here  and when I next do a playtest release you'll be able to try the new levels~

Hey nice! Thanks for sharing :)

Actually there was recently an update, there's a random beat generator mode now! If you click the black and red button on the top right of the menu screen you can try it out. But you're right that there haven't been any new levels added to this version, if you sign up to be a playtester: here , you'll be able to try the new levels early when I next do a playtest release. (There's about 18 finished so far)

Very cool thanks for sharing! :) I think you're the first person I've seen make use of the multiple tracks~

Thanks for both trying and sharing! I really liked it! Very upbeat~ :) 

No problem, oh that's cool! Thanks for sharing! I'm actually not very familiar with rhythm mapping for other games, but I'll have a look at the MBOY Editor and see if it makes sense to apply it to my situation~

Thanks for sharing! :) I enjoyed it!

Hey thanks for sharing :) Sounds good~

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Hi thank you! Sorry for the delay in replying, I'm sorry but I'm not sure I 100% understand what you mean? The way I map the music is that I first make the music in a DAW (garageband in this case) then I export the audio. For the note positions, I look at the tracks in garageband and write the note positions all out on paper first. I then add the exported audio and the note positions in the Unity inspector. I'm not sure if that makes sense or it's a bit too specific? The simplified answer is that because I make the music I can just write down the note positions as a number and enter those into the game engine along with the music.  Let me know if you have any more questions! 

If you want to make your own music you can use the beatmaker mode to track beats, you can also edit the saved beat text (the blocks of text people use to share beats) directly if you prefer. Here's the thread on sharing and loading beats: