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Sounds great! Thanks for sharing~

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Hi no problem :) no you don't need a new tester key to see updates, but it's going to be a while before the tester version gets updated. 

I updated it fairly recently but that was just to fix some bugs (and test out doing automatic builds). I think it'll be a couple of months yet before there's another playtest release. If you want to make sure you have the latest update just either download the file again using the link OR if you're using the itch app you can select the game, click the settings cog, click manage and then check for updates there.

Hey thanks for sharing! :) Yeah I also like the second one, it has a lot of energy and I liked the melodies~

Hi, thanks for sharing! :)

Thank you :)

Hey, thanks very much :) I'm glad you enjoy the art style and find the game comforting!

Thanks! :)

Hey, thanks very much! :) It's cool it got you interested in making lo-fi music! I wrote a reply here once about how people can get started with that (you might know already know some of that already, but it might  be helpful)

Thanks for sharing your beat too, I like how the guitar and bell melodies mix together~

If you're interested you can sign up to be a playtester: here I'm not planning a test soon, but when I do you'll have a chance to try a bunch of new levels early~ :)

Thanks :) I'm glad you get something out of it~

Hey, thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks. I really appreciate it~

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I think you might have actually just accidentally shared the B-Side for room 2~ :)

Cool thanks for sharing, sounds good! :)

Thank you :)

Hey, thanks very much :) If you've signed up: here then you're on the list. I won't send out any new keys for a while though as I haven't had a chance to add any more new levels since the last playtest. It'll probably take a couple of months before I send out any more keys~

Hey, thanks for sharing! Glad you liked making the beats, it's a bit on the busy side for me but good effort :)

Hey thanks for sharing, sounds good~

Thank you :)

Very cheerful sounding! Thanks for sharing :)

Hi thanks so much for making a video on the game! :) I really appreciate it~ It was especially helpful to see how you used the menus, there's still a few improvements I should do there to make that clearer/ more intuitive.

Also I've just done a new update a few moments ago, so now you can play the levels you make with the beatmaker (like you were trying to do in the video)~

Thanks again for doing a video on the game~ :)

Thank, I appreciate it~ 

I would also say, if you want to try more of the game early please sign up to be a playtester here, although it might be a while before I send out new keys~

Hey thanks very much, I appreciate it~ :)

Oh wow that's super cool to hear! If it's not too personal, can I ask which University this is? I'm also kind of curious about what you/other people wrote about the game. If you'd prefer not to say on here, you can send me a DM/email/discord message instead, whatever you prefer~

Hey, thanks for asking :) I think that should to be clearer inside the game, so that's helpful feedback. I wrote an explanation with screenshots here that explains how to do it~

Hey thanks for sharing! Haha doubling up melodies is a respectable technique. I am kind of curious though, how come you looked at the game for your uni course? Was that part of the course or did you seek it out yourself?

Thank you :)

Hey, thank you that's good to hear~ :)

Hey, thanks I'm glad you see the positives in it :) Personally, I've found it a bit frustrating having to adjust my plans because of something I didn't have control over. Having said that, more time definitely has it's up sides and hopefully the game will come out better overall because of it~

Hey, that's awesome, I think that's the highest score I've seen so far!

Hey thanks for sharing~ Yeah I liked how stripped back it was, also the drums were cool :)

Thanks for sharing~ I liked the high energy :)


Thanks for sharing, sounds super nice :) I liked how the melodies are kind of synchronized between the instruments~

Hey thanks for sharing! I saw you kind of remixed some of the patterns from the original level, I thought that sounded cool~ And the melodies you came up with were also super cool~


Nice :) Thanks very much~

Hi, thank you~ I guess you found the game through Lo-Fi Room, but if not I'd recommend you check it out ( ). I put a lot more time and effort into the art in there, so maybe you'll like that too. I hope everything goes well with doing art and becoming an animator~

Hi, thanks for sharing :) I'm glad you enjoyed making the beats~ I thought the call and response kind of thing you did with the different instruments in your beat was cool~

Спасибо~ Thanks~ 

Thanks very much! :)