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Random Commander

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Bumping for teh Update! I noticed Youtubers are only doing challenge workshop levels instead of endless ones and I was curious on their opinions so I made challenge variants of my maps!

Fun fact 1: It took me about 8 or 9 Playtest tries to upload the Moving Platform challenge, and I'm usually good at CDITDZ so I would advise caution.

Fun fact 2: There is an easter egg in the Lava Kick Madness map that I totally forgot about until now.

Destroying your own clones has its own commentation. Or are you talking about not KILLING the clones, but like cutting off an arm or leg or something?

Well, I sadly don't think a challenge showing all variants of all levels is a good idea, otherwise it will be a long challenge! However, I did make a sort of "level pack" that might get people who do workshop challenges only.

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Thought I'd post my levels here, I don't know where else to put em. :P

Moving Platform Jump Endless | Challenge - A simple level I made to test out the moving platform mechanics. This allowed me to make more advanced levels with this feature.

Starship Ambush Endless | Challenge - Robots ambush you from a dropship above the arena! You are also able to board the dropship to attack the archers onboard.

Blocky Cat Endless | Challenge - The most popular level on the Robot internet! Accuracy to actual cats of earth is questionable.

Fire Smashers Endless | Challenge - High-speed moving platforms will squish you alongside a fiery wall if you don't look both ways before crossing the yellow neon roads! Challenge contains hybrid level

Random Commander Level Pack 1 - A custom challenge featuring the above 4 levels plus a hybrid level combining two of these levels!

Lava Kick Madness Endless | Challenge - Ever want to just have fun kicking robots into lava? Too bad, this level has the same thing except it's really plugging hard.

More Levels will come as I make them!

I have to say, I'm starting to get proud of the levels I made so far.

They're right here if you're curious

I may or may not have had too much fun with this.

Oh wait they can get up very quick? Scratch everything I said then.

Why is the Spidertron 6000 stage on bronze stage 2? WHAT WITCHCRAFT ARE THE ROBOTS PLANNING!?

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10. Kick bots: when they "leap" at you, it's like a short jetpack burst. Kick them while they are leaping, then feel free to hack away at their downed body. Or shoot them in the head. Or hammer smash. Or melt them with fire breath. Or whatever other way you can think of.

Another option, if the aforementioned challenge is too much, would be for the sword to simply "switch off", leaving a harmless handle on the ground.

Either that or a very dim plastic toy sword.

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Check out Skylure's Shield, it is much better than my shield, and I think will still fit pretty well with these robots!

That is a very good shield! Although, I did already create some Shield Robots of my own, as well as my own shield.

Without a doubt, your shield fits the style better!

*Bot Lee.

Bot Lee is a famous actor for robot entertainment in many slapstick robot cartoons about many robots beating each other up. Bot Lee had the most upgrades and updates regarding martial arts - assimilated from human entertainment devices such as "television" and "video games." In fact, the robots designed the kick-bot using Bot Lee as a template for use in the Danger Zone!


It's a 3d voxel-art tool sold on steam.

It's also what Doborog uses to make the models, so I've heard.

The shields fail if hit by swords too many times. Or if hit with a hammer. That's their weakness.

Also, if added, perhaps they will fail if the robot is knocked down, too. So kicking or luring them near spider-tron bombs would help.

There is a sandbox mode planned too. When it will come out? Beats me...


The shield bots are a new experimental type of robot that uses a built-in energy generation matrix to power a large laser screen through a specialized contraption called a "laser shield." It has the capability to block many attacks, from arrows and swords to spider-tron bombs! A noteable drawback, however, is that under high amounts of kinetic stress, the laser shield has a tendancy to "short out," leaving the wielder vulnerable to attack. A shorter version of the laser sword, capable of being held in only one hand, is added to the Shield bot's arsenal to provide limited offensive capability.


- Shield Can block Arrows and Spider-bomb pellets forever

- Shield Can block Swords with limited success (costs energy to offset the advantage of blocking swords in a 180-degree span)

- Shield Can block Hammers, but instantly fails afterward

- Shield CANNOT block traps (Sawblades, Spikes, etc.)

- Short Sword CANNOT BLOCK AT ALL, but does not require both hands to use.

- Short Sword is a possible weapon to use with your left hand (but if right hand is cut off, this is the only weapon you can use. Note that IT CANT BLOCK ANYTHING, so you are heavily handicapped in that regard.)

- Shield Bot has slow turning rate (Player is able to flank them and kill them from behind, so this enemy is beatable without requiring a hammer)

I Authorize Doborog to have the rights to use these assets for free and in no way will I receive payment for donating these assets except for gratitude and happiness. However, it must be noted that I used the Demo Version of Qubicle to make these, and as of yet I am not sure these assets are capable to be implemented in the game. I am assuming so, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Link to download Qubicle files is here

Usually the robot does a little "Aaaah my arm!" animation whenever the left arm is cut off, no matter the weapon in hand.

Except Archer robots. They have all their RAM stored in the left arm, and they die if it's cut.

There are quite a few ways to beat them, the above only being one of them.

You could shoot it in the head with an arrow

You can lead them into traps - spikes tend to work better

You can lure it into archer fire, have its allies kill it in your stead.

Or my personal favorite: Get on a pillar, jump down and slice it in half! Death from Above!!

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Happened while chasing down and slashing a Garbage Bot that was recently hit with a hammer. I think syntax or some other coding mistake is the culprit.


I bet you can do this by Right-clicking with the hammer instead of left-clicking! But it will take two energy, and therefore require the first energy upgrade AND the hammer before it can be unlocked. The boom effect is similar to Spider-tron's bombs until you can find a better AOE attack mechanic. And you're immune from your own particles, much like Spider-tron is immune to its own bombs (but not someone else's!)

And, as an added difficulty to an already pretty dificult enemy, Mk.3 Hammer bots have this ability as well.

One problem: When Spider-tron can't throw bombs, how is it going to fight? Didn't you say something about not making the game unnecessarily long by keeping enemies alive even if they can't fight, Doborog?

Hey, Kids!

Wanna buy some Humans?

Jetpack bot Mk III sounds like a boss robot you have to fight, instead of a normal enemy robot.

Kind of like Spider-tron 9001. Or one of the much bigger giant armored robots in the fanart thread.

Dooooood we would so pay for any 3d-printed CDITDZ robots!

Even better if they are able to be taken apart and still come back together somehow!

There was something wrong with that human, anyway.

The true danger of mark 1 sword robots named Derek:

It is pretty fun when it happens, though!

So far this is the only time it happened. I haven't gotten many levels where enemies don't immediately activate.

Quite. A. Bit.

I managed to get 4 lives when I first hit Titanium and I played REALLY DEFENSIVELY. The only problem I have are the Jetpack bots - of course I can kick them back, but if they swarm me, that's pretty hard to do.

I was having fun in Endless mode one day, chopping endless amounts of robots to bits, when i died on level 16. It was one of those Titanium progressive 3-stage jump pad levels (the blocky one, not the building one).

Suddenly, out of nowhere, 3 of the mk 3 sword robots came up to the platform that i died in, and started swordfighting over my corpse.

I kid you not, this image is proof of them fighting each other.

Before you ask, yes I did put this in the bug report thread. I just thought it was funny that they malfunctioned like this.

I was having fun in Endless mode one day, chopping endless amounts of robots to bits, when i died on level 16. It was one of those Titanium progressive 3-stage jump pad levels (the blocky one, not the building one).

Suddenly, out of nowhere, 3 of the mk 3 sword robots came up to the platform that i died in, and started swordfighting over my corpse.

I kid you not, that image is proof of them fighting each other.

This was the second platform, so it is likely they were still inactive on the third platform, and then when i died, they became active when they shouldn't have been.

"I learned worse"

All of the above except my other shoulderpad was completely destroyed.

A sort of "Shock-kick?" I like it!

I think there might be better, simpler ways about doing this though: like a one-handed laser dagger? or the ability to self-destruct? It would be cool to see armless mk 3 robots try to explode on you!

If it's not too much to ask, Doborog, could you elaborate on the current dismemberment mechanics of CDITDZ?

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I think it's slightly more complicated. The key words I see are "create your enemy bot." I think he is saying something like "Is there going to be a feature where you can mod in your own custom enemies to the game?"

But yeah, +1 to sandbox mode.

I see where you are coming from and don't worry: when it comes to comments that have a tendency to spark hate, I keep an open mind.

It's highly unlikely that you will be able to finish a titanium level without your sword arm, but I can still see it happening. Honestly, I agree that it can be annoying, and I can think of a way to fix it, but I don't want to be in a position where I'm sounding like I am telling Doborog what to do with their game. I also halfway agree with your disdain for the visual cue - I think having the robots spark when damaged is a little too much, but I feel you should at least KNOW that your robot is at the verge of a "death by poking" - this visual cue for your own health can be as subtle as a colored square beside the energy meter, for example, and that doesn't interfere with the overall game in my opinion.

I have a question for you because I am honestly curious: Do you have a better idea on what should happen if your sword arm gets cut off?

I have fallen in love with the new kick sound. I giggle every time I kick a robot now. Does that mean something is wrong with me?

Long wall of text, but it explains something really important. Please bear with me :)

I have been mulling over ideas on how to make situations in CDITDZ more believable (instead of dying when both legs/your sword arm/one pixel of your head is cut off, for instance) and still avoid "stalled moments" in the action of the game at the same time. One of my most prominent ideas so far is the idea of Integrity - or how well your robot is holding up. It's kind of like a overall health bar, but with an abstract twist - it's not a set amount of health for your whole drone, it's actually an indicator of how likely you are going to die in the next grazing hit.

The way this "Integrity" feature works is thus: there is no visible value for the player to keep track of, but if the game's internal value for a robot's integrity reaches a certain point, the Integrity condition level (henceforth known as just "condition") changes, from Green (full Integrity) all the way to Critical (which essentially means the next hit is more than likely to kill you, and in my mind is indicated by a blinking red label). The Integrity level for the robot decreases with every hit they take, the value subtracted depending on certain conditions and which body part was hit. Some examples are as follows:

- Getting hit in the head should still be very bad. Losing one pixel may put you one condition lower, but having a large chunk of head getting cut off will either kill you outright or put you immediately into Critical condition. Decapitation should kill regardless of integrity.

- Losing a limb will definitely put you into Orange condition - you have been disabled in some way. If this was your sword hand, something special happens: your integrity will start decreasing over time! When it hits zero, you die. That means the inevitable will happen even if you don't want it to, and yet you don't just die outright (unless you took other severe damage too, it's still easy to get killed!) This happens to enemies too, but I'll explain that later.

- Losing bits of limbs and torso shouldn't be too bad. A few pixels of your left shoulderpad and a few dings on your right knee is enough to get you to Yellow condition, for example. But little things add up! Missing your Bow arm, one pixel of your head, and both legs have been hit at least once? Critical condition, be careful from now on!

- Non-humanoid robots obviously have different ways of getting their integrity reduced, Spider trons 5000 and 6000 will still be in Green condition if you sliced a part of one leg off. Hitting their weak points are still deadly though - in the case of Spider tron 6000 it will put him in Orange (or whatever counts as half) condition if his legs were left unscathed. This gives him a chance to be "deactivated" the next time you hit his head but fail to destroy the remaining eye, though it is very slight until you get him into Critical condition (or at least one step lower from Orange - it may not even be Red condition that's next!

Some hits are still insta-kill, like decapitation or getting cut in half, but most other hits should be a little less fatal this way. Integrity has a visual cue as well - the more sparks from the robot, the more damaged it is.

About losing limbs: This is the most dramatic change with the introduction to Integrity - losing your sword hand only gradually kills you instead of instantly kills you. You can't do much to damage foes, perhaps kick them down or jetpack around and lure them into sawblades, but that's about it. There is no effective way to dispatch enemies without your sword, and that will make for some boring times. Thankfully, your integrity degrades when something like this happens, and you should eventually die without much tedium. This goes double for enemies without their swords - they may run around trying to avoid you or try to kick you down, but they will eventually deactivate on their own if enough time passes, so no long, drawn-out chases around the arena!

It's optional if Doborog wants the same to happen when both legs are cut off, at least how I play I am more likely to cut a robot in two than take off both their feet.

TL;DR: Have a label that shows how damaged you are and have it change according to what parts are damaged or gone. Have it degrade when sword arm is missing until it kills you due to lack of integrity and have that affect enemies as well.