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Player change model with upgrades

A topic by Rhulyon created Feb 07, 2017 Views: 270 Replies: 6
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First of all i love the collision system of the game and the dismembert issues.

Said that i would like to take it further. My idea is that some upgrades (like jetpack) adds new visible parts to the robot (like armor or clothing) and if it gets core damaged then stop working. Is continue the idea of when you have a leg chopped you move jumping or that you need the 2 arms to use the bow. Here are some of my suggestions:

-Jetpack: a thruster in the back: cutting the sides of the thruster don't makes anithing if the core gets cut it stops working. Getting the upgrade makes the thruster bigger or adds side thrusters.

-Aim time: something like earplugs that can stop a sword to the head althougth you will lose the ability to be in slow motion while aim.

-Energy capacity: every energy update adds a little battery at some place of the robot. If you get cut there the robot lose one energy bar until you get a fresh new clone (or dies).

-Kick: to kick you need to have the two legs.

If your legs are cutted but you still have arms you still could crawl to move (very slow and without jumping), but you could not use any weapon while moving you must stand still to do so.

Also this is applied to the enemies.

And one little more thing: if the barrel (the tube where explosives come up) of the spidertron gets cutted from the body the explosives will fall from spidertron instead of being magically launched at you apearing from nowhere.

What do you think of my ideas?

This is a pretty cool suggestion! :D

I think one thing that's missing right now is clearer communication about why you can't use the bow (left arm cut off) etc.
Would have to improve that in conjunction with this.

The idea of energy packs is particularly neat!

wadda ya mean? cut off your arm and then try to fire a bow. can't get clearer than that :P

You look at the back of the robot, at the end of every match i have to swing to see if my arm is cutted, i think he means somehting like that.

oh yeah :D

Usually the robot does a little "Aaaah my arm!" animation whenever the left arm is cut off, no matter the weapon in hand.

Except Archer robots. They have all their RAM stored in the left arm, and they die if it's cut.

One day, in the Archer Building/Training Facility...

(MK3 Combat Archer) Welcome trainees! Today, we'll learn about bow-wielding basics!

(MK1 Combat Archers) SIR, YES SIR!

(MK3 Combat Archer) You don't have to say "sir, yes sir" for everything...

(MK1 Combat Archers) SIR, YES SIR!

(MK3 Combat Archer) Anyways, most importantly, never, and I say NEVER lose your left arm! A big part of your mind is stored there, so, if you lose it, you'll DIE! Who wants to demonstrate it?

(MK1 Combat Archer #759273982759) ME!

(MK3 Combat Archer) Well then... *chops MK1 Combat Archer #759273982759's left arm off, he instantly falls to the ground*