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Tips for beating the hammer bots

A topic by GEUSTLOL created Feb 11, 2017 Views: 214 Replies: 5
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Ok so i can take on a bunch of the level 1 hammer bots a couple of the level 2s but almost no level 3s. The level 3s just run through my sword without stopping i risk my life for a swipe and it wont kill them. How should I deal with this.

try using jetpack and a horizontal sword swipe to take out their legs :D

There are quite a few ways to beat them, the above only being one of them.

You could shoot it in the head with an arrow

You can lead them into traps - spikes tend to work better

You can lure it into archer fire, have its allies kill it in your stead.

Or my personal favorite: Get on a pillar, jump down and slice it in half! Death from Above!!

Or, the answer to all robot related problems, NO, IT'S NOT COMPUTER VIRUS! The answer is...

Hammer + Jetpack, it's OP


Try kicking the hammer bot and smash him hard with your hammer. But sometimes when i kick a hammer bot the other hammer bots smash that bot.