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wound reaction

A topic by THE EMPEROR created Feb 27, 2017 Views: 152 Replies: 7
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a lot of times i die becuse i hit a robot,dismember him and he dosnt care and just continue slashing. i come to a mark 3 hammerbot he starts swinging so i dismember his arm but he continues the swing and after half a secend i am dead.

it would be great if there was a little feture that when a robot gets hit hes knocked out for a secend just like your swords knockback when you block a mark 3 sword robots atack


dat soonds gud

yus it soonds da bestest

Yes teh humn wil hav nu chanc aginst meh

perhaps the hammer should be dropped when you lose an arm?

That would be... annoying, specially because the hammer is so good...

I just like it, okay? But it might be changed for a fiery sword of the dephts of the Underworld

maybe it will be a kind of a knockback

Something like that exist in Dark Souls, every weapon has its own "unbalance value" and every armor has its own stability.

Hammer should have the greatest unbalance value and the hammer3 bot should have highest stability.