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boats. lava boats. naval mode.

A topic by cogitoergosum815 created Mar 08, 2017 Views: 272 Replies: 19
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was just researching torpedoes, and this idea occurred to me, how about a lava filled arena with boats that you sail around and fire at the other crew with arrows and board when the ships meet? and of course torpedoes should be added. because I want to say: "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"

That sounds pretty cool actually!!

glad you like the idea :)

Maybe it could be possible to push the Orcaneer in? ;)

the orcaneer could be a ship :D

well, there could be an orcaneer BASED ship :P the orcaneer would make a pretty cool apperance in naval mode :)

Or, you could reenact Moby Dick!

I prefer Orcaneer or Orcaneer Ship though.

Yes like in that ancient human arena

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made a boat for navel mode (pretty small because I don't have a sword 1 model to compare with)



and here's a raft which took to seconds to make :P pic.twitter.com/rWsWae8Cph

I think there should be a boat destruction system, where, depending on what parts of the boat are destroyed, some things may happen, if you are hit in the sails, you are slowed down, if you are hit in the back, you lose the ability to steer, if you are hit in the nose, you are immobilized, and maybe you could repair those parts to prevent your boat from sinking (I dunno, I'm thinking about Blackwake's boat damage system right now), some other ideas would be each boat having its own crew, like, boat 1 has some MK1 Swords to board your ship, and they are being aggressive, while boat 2 has some MK1 Archers, that are playing more defensively and trying to behead you with their arrows, also, what if boats had cannons that you could shoot? Imagine fighting the Orcaneer with that, or just sinking enemy boats... oh, and you'd be able to board boats cuz y not :3, amirite?

Also, maybe a flintlock or musket or blunderbuss shoud be added as ranged weapons that are like shotguns, and they would fit well with 1 energy for 1 shot, as those weapons took about the entirety of the King Kong movie to reload.

Another reason why boarding boats should be a thing would be so I could "This is Sparta!" everyone out of their boats. Also, alongside the rafts and boats, what about some BIG flagships with minibosses such as Spidertron and MK3 Hammers/Archers, or maybe even Cyclops or Anubises!

flintlock OR musket? but a flintlock is a KIND of musket... :P

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I guess it's a kind of musket pistol, so either a flintlock or a blunderbuss, they should probably fire unblockable, short ranged, Grenade Fragments, so they could deal a LOT of damage, but would have a slow reload time and would be relatively short ranged, about 6-8 spreading shots at a time sounds good.

yeah, a short ranged musket is good, but it would be cool to have rifling and minie ball upgrades to increase range and accuracy :P

Maybe a gunpowder upgrade that increases the size of the Frags, and, consequently, their damage

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cheack out blackwake this game has all of this stuff

yeah but I want it in clone drone :P

I mentioned Blackwake on my post, but it would be cool in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

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not to mention clone drone doesn't have to be AS accurate as blackwake in terms of weapons and ships so there's a lot more that could be done with it... but doborog, please, PLEASE just don't add ramming to sail driven ships.


Yeah, maybe make engine powered ships, I mean, future and all that, robot overlords and whenwillthegoddamnmachogarbagebotswithmustachesbeaddediwanttoharnessthepowerofmachonachothatdidntmakeanysenseandthisisalongwordmuahaha