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The Level Editor is coming!

A topic by Doborog Games created Apr 16, 2017 Views: 805 Replies: 44
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Hey human, do YOU have a cool idea for a level?

A Maze? Sawblades and lava? The Crazy Duck Challenge??

Soon YOU can make it, and share it with other humans!

We're hard at working making an ass-kicking Level Editor, that makes it easy and fun to put together Clone Drone levels.

Some highlights include:

  • Steam Workshop Integration - Easily find, rate and upload levels!
  • Make Challenges - Why make one level, when you can make several and put them together into an awesome Challenge? Choose what upgrades the player starts with and what is restricted!
  • Choose your enemies - Test your skills against any combination of enemies you can imagine!

The first version of the Level Editor launches on May 5th!

We look forward to seeing what you do with it!






(Analysis-Bot 2.0) the update is coming. just you wait, human





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Wait, you can change which upgrades you start with?!?!?!





(Human) I think it's a perfect resemblance of you. *MLG Airhorns*


(The Emperor) ... I think we have our new participant for the next round! *calls the PURGE (Primary Urgent Robotic Galactical Enforcement), plus MLG airhorns and meme music and Derptios and Mount Dew* TAKE THAT, HUMAN!


(EnderWitherX) *gets under the commentator table with Analysis-Bot 2.0 and Commentatron 2.0*

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My question is, will it have a mirror/snap function? If not, I'll probably suffer a stroke from OCD panic.

It's really refreshing to see a dev who actually works on their game, not to mention listens to the community. Keep up the great work!


Will probably make some align tools, so you can snap positions/scale relative to other objects you've got selected.


soon humans will be able to make more fun levels for us to watch and comment


Another question, as Analysis-Bot and Commentatron have TTS voices, will we be able to create our own commentator dialogues?

If so...



I can only begin to guess at what horror may come of that.

or what fun could become of that

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there can be endless horrors with a level and challenge creator.

5 fire sword bots, 10 mark 2 jetpack archers, and 15 mark 3 sword bots.

that's hell if you ask me.

i take it back, 10 fire hammer bots, 10 mark 2 jetpack archers, 2 spidertron-6000s, and 5 combat fire-bots. That's literally the worst thing for players.




(Analysis-Bot 2.0) *controls Analysis-Bot's voice system* {Execute <text_to_speech> (Custom_Text: Hello, I am Poop Face Bot!)


*Error* Systems failure *overheating* i cant let Analysis-Bot 2.0 replace me. i am too old for that stuff...



*analysis bot getting replaced by analysis-bot 2.0*


that's a cardboard impostor human

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i want a longsword upgrade for the sword, which makes the sword bigger.

i'm fine with the level Editor, i just really want an upgrade to make the sword longer.

i also want cool anims for using a bow in the air for epic screenshots and tunbnails

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Imagine slicing 3 Hammers in half with one swipe!


its longer, so its very good at fighting multiple enemies in sword fights.

i also want an upgrade to flame breath that increases range by 50%

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1. Level editor - that's in most cases half the game.

2. Challenge creation - 20 kick bots on the fire island with no upgrades, sounds like a fun challenge!

3. Bot editor - the fire duck can now can now can now fight!

4. Clone drone in the danger zone is working it's way up my favorite list of every thing (3rd to only SAO and 星空絵かかる橋)

Great job erik! You got it all!

2nd thing in the parentheses english please


sometimes games are named in different languages and dont change for any others

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Bridge over to the starry sky (With the power of google translate i have translated the games name to english for Lazy Americans like me)





You won an argument... against yourself?

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It is funny how stupidity works sometimes

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it was actually meant for SpirteousPoetO2 from earlier when he said Sometimes games don't get translated from japanese to english or something like that (I could repost all of this as a reply to him from earlier but that would take time that i don't really have)


all i needed was a translation, that's all.

i don't know how to even do whatever you did with symbols, but i'm happy you decided to translate it.

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(Analysis-Bot 2.0) We all win. When the human is dead.

(Comentatron #72) AGREED

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:O just wow didn't expect that one coming


when will it be i the game tho :O i haven't been more excited


So, just an idea, will it be required to have beaten a level for it to be uploaded because if not please make it so it has to, or that it will say somewhere on the level info that it hasn't been beaten. Other than that update HYPE.


I already started a level :3 are ya jelly?