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it was actually meant for SpirteousPoetO2 from earlier when he said Sometimes games don't get translated from japanese to english or something like that (I could repost all of this as a reply to him from earlier but that would take time that i don't really have)


all i needed was a translation, that's all.

i don't know how to even do whatever you did with symbols, but i'm happy you decided to translate it.

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(Analysis-Bot 2.0) We all win. When the human is dead.

(Comentatron #72) AGREED


(Commentatron 2.0) *slaps Commentatron #72* GO BACK TO THE PET ZONE ARENA!!!

(Commentators #72) *goes back to the pet zone arena*


(Commentatron 2.0) Don't be sad, at least you get free Sheepatrons and Saw-lamanders in that arena! Don't forget the Puppy-Bots!

(Commentatron #72) Yes but i get feel there metallic fur because i don't have feel sensors installed. I do have pain sensors though and that slap earlier hurt alot