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A member registered Feb 03, 2017

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So i found a nice level on the workshop and i subscribe to it's creator it was on bronze so i start playing endless mode and guess what? the first level is the level i just found then i move on to the 2nd level and again it's the same level 3rd the same so i kil myself to restart to test if it was just luck but nope still the same is this normal? or is this a bug?

soo fixing yourself something was suggested way before endless mode was even created and now we have a level editor i think it is about time to think of a way to fix yourself 

i have thought of a way to fix yourself when you are upgrading upgrade bot fixes anything that has been choped off 

soo fixing yourself something was suggested way before endless mode was even created and now we have a level editor i think it is about time to think of a way to fix yourself

Hello from the future where we have flaming jetpack hammerbots

so i finished my challange and i beat it but after i pressed the button to publish it i left it for 2 hours and it was never published is this normal? or somehing is wrong?

that would be nice and pretty useful as i have a lot of useless upgrade points in endless mode


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The leg is a deadly weapon




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alright so i was doing the hammer only challange and the upcoming level was the a lot of swordmen on a bridge so i kicked them all of the bridge and killed the archers and then one of the swordmen survived the saws and tried to get to the jump pad that is blocked by both the pillar and the bridge luckily i had kick abillity so i kept trying to kick and it worked and he died anyways here's a screenshot for it


sorry for the editing was trying make the photo appear in the post

Practice makes perfect you don't need tips just keep practicing in endless mode and reach titanium if you do then you are good at this game

honstly this game has advanced a lot and i feel it's about time to update the people who are watching they just stand there like if they just want to leave and go back to thier homes all i want is that when commentatron says a joke the crowd laughs when i finish the level the crowd cheers

i think this happens to every successful game right? when all the youtuber play it

Anybody planing on doing a live stream? because i am really bored and i wanna try the commands

yeah i've never used a steam key before but what i know is that if you bought the game you will get a key but how to use it i've no idea

Qué preferiría estar atrapado en un trabajo en el que podría morir o libertad?

Yes but only if you tell me what i want

you sure? because maybe i have a way to get you out of the arena

windows 7 ultimate *cought* *cough*

the game is from the website while microsoft visual c++ was from your link (and it didn't install it said "unsepctifed error")

64bit for both the game and microsoft visual c++

the hype of knowing that the next update is gonna have some EPIC STUFF AND ROBOTS has consumed me and i wanna get back to the game but with some cheats if you know anyway to cheat in this game (bec i've reached titanium and finished new story mode) please tell me

well i've tried restarting for safety after uninstalling but still well thanks for the help

nevermind i tried what you said but it still didn't work well i guess i can't play the game at the end


all the update even the optional?

not even a little tiny hint?

i'm not asking for when the update will come but i am asking for a little hint about the next update

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dev this problem is so populer and you just keep ignoring it it's the api ci runtime thing i've searched for 2 days for a fix but i've found a way but when i've done it it said "ucrt terminator not found in api ci runtime" pls fix i couldn't find a working fix

EDIT: oh and i checked your post about this bug but still it didn't work

i already read this and it didn't work that's why i am writing this post

when i try to run the game this error appers

api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0.dll is missing

i checked the post that the dev posted for these errors and made everything he said to do expect one problem when i try instaling micrsoft visual c++ 2015 x64 the setup never works it says it failed for error 0X80240017 Unspectified error HELP PLEASE I JUST WANT TO PLAY THIS BEAUTIFUL GAME

i just finished the story mode the ending was pretty suprising i am not gonns spoil it but good job Erik on the new update