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The crowd

A topic by redeagle6122 created Mar 18, 2017 Views: 202 Replies: 8
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honstly this game has advanced a lot and i feel it's about time to update the people who are watching they just stand there like if they just want to leave and go back to thier homes all i want is that when commentatron says a joke the crowd laughs when i finish the level the crowd cheers


Yes they are boring


an other idea for the crowd would be that they would actually become your fans if you put up a good show and that you could get certain upgrades only if you have enough fans


if you survive long enough.

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or you get buffs or upgrade points by every 10th or 100th fan (depends on how many fans you can get)


I think that the crowd would get more excited depending on what you kill. E.g. if you kill Mark 1 Swordsman then you won't get a big reaction. If you kill a Mark 2 Hammer-bot then the crowd will go crazy. If you kill a Spidertron 6000 then the crowd will like sdsdjiifajisj cnsufhnui nuiajsuifhauhfuhajshjh OMG OMG!!

yeah that's a cool Idea but if there were a lot of enemies then the crowd would always be yelling.

woah, woah! they're already wild on the INSIDE, remember? xD