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but Analysis bot dosen't have any legs.......or arms

and the drill makes your enemies stronger

i think it´s boring to always have the same terrain and so here´s a list of maps

  • forest : it´s full of trees that you can climb and animals that can attack you. when you have the right upgrades you can build traps
  • underwater: no fire enemies can spawn and gravity is not as strong

i know that´s not much but i will make more just wanted to put the idea in
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or you get buffs or upgrade points by every 10th or 100th fan (depends on how many fans you can get)

but then it should not die

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or/and you could buy normal body parts (for example if you lose an arm or a leg)


  • instead of (only) upgrade bot there should be different robots that are specialised for different weapons or armor
  • through challenges you can unlock element enchanters so that you can make any weapon to a fire weapon (or whatever is gonna be added)

an other idea for the crowd would be that they would actually become your fans if you put up a good show and that you could get certain upgrades only if you have enough fans