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here's a bit of suggestion that could be added:

Moving lasers, a mirror that could reflect and deflect lasers to anywhere, a mirror-bot which is a moving mirror and uses lasers as advantages.

If a part of your body is burning, try to exit and rejoin, It will still save the level and you gain all body parts again

Try kick to delay them or kick them to environmental hazards

that's all I have

Well sometimes there might be a level with uneven ground that some enemies will be on the above you, or on jump pad (it's easier for my opinion).

yeah I do know that, well most of the time the fire will also burn the core, but this is very rare for me at least

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a rare moment here, this spider tron is still alive

Mine is when you pick jetpack on Death Cube, and just slice them all in one go (horizontal slice)

I would like a harder version, I try to be content by doing challenges on endless mode like

3 Total points for the entire kick, so I'll save up 3, and spend it all on kick, and then save like 5 for all clones, and you get the idea.

You can kill your own clone and they will comment about that

Kicking/pushing your clone to the elevator will say "Access Denied" and push them back, and they will also comment about that.

That's only 2 things I know, for now

Anyone else remember that Power Kick was once an actual upgrade in the old update? well an old update that the only way to kick is to jump and then press jump again to the enemy, maybe you could add that mechanic back? I liked it in some situation.

I like the Multiplayer Modes maybe some maps are special? or a challenge for Co op: if one if you dies, the other one dies


if you survive long enough.

Good idea, would it roll? or once it hits something, it breaks into smaller parts?

so to defeat Defense Drone, you need either a hammer or a kick?

You know the tunnel with the end of it with bunch of spikes? yeah I just jetpack there to the ledge, and went to the pillars, with 1 remaining jetpack bot, and then boom he suddenly just boosted and went in between the pillars, I tried it myself and with the Kick Bug, and I went through, bug


Well my suggestion is having abilities, like you can do triple shot, or circular swing with your sword. You can only pick 1 or 2 of these abilities per weapon. also uses bars of energy, depends on the ability.


360 Degree Swing: I find this one fun actually, you know the part where you go slow motion if you kill the last bot? you can do a full spin and hit the enemy twice, and I've been doing that a bunch of times and it's fun slicing them to pieces. 2 energy needed

Great Slash: Better vertical slash, making them unbalanced while also a chance to trip them to the floor. 1 energy needed

Thrust: You charge and you thrust forward with great speed, yeah. 1.5 energy needed


Double Shot: fires 2 arrows at once. you can choose what pattern, like V or II. maybe more pattern, 1.5 Energy

That's all I have for the bow, maybe split shot, but too op I guess, (basically it splits into 2 smaller arrows as it hits an enemy)


Smash: Jumps and then smashes the ground with great power, to create a small shock wave that stuns enemies. 2 Energy

Swing: Charges the hammer to swing it with power, you move slowly, consumes 20% more compared to jetpack.

that's it for hammer, ran out of Ideas for bow and hammer.

Repair Bot:

Repair bot repairs the parts you lost, so I don't have to exit the game and come back just to fully repair myself because I lost a leg or an arm.

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Well this bug or glitch makes you fast: (only works with Hammer and Sword)

Notice how you move a bit forward with the kick? well here's a bug related to speed

Rapidly right click,

While you right click, switch to another weapon, then switch to another weapon as fast as possible

while still kicking.

All of these should happen at the same time, and there you go, you also kick them if they're in the way

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Since we got Fire, why not add one more?

Sword: it will shock the enemy, stunning them, if an enemy comes close to them, they will also be shocked.

Bow and Arrow: Lightning Chain, will go for the closest enemy and shock them, then jumping to another enemy and so on and so forth.

Hammer: When hitting the ground, it will do a small shock wave on the floor, like this. shocks the enemy as it goes, the shock lasts longer if they were closer to the wave


( (x) )


they are separated, but if you put them close together, you'll see the point