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A topic by Skylure created May 06, 2017 Views: 218 Replies: 4
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The idea for lasers being that would be small, deadly beams that would slice through robots, but, if done as they were firing, could be reflected like arrows to inflict damage on enemies. They could be traps, or alternatively be part of a new enemy.

a Laser Challenge would be an excellent promotion for them as well, similar to the way Fire was introduced.



here's a bit of suggestion that could be added:

Moving lasers, a mirror that could reflect and deflect lasers to anywhere, a mirror-bot which is a moving mirror and uses lasers as advantages.

Or possibly a glass bot that when hit by a laser, shoots out multiple lasers, effectively splitting the one beam into an area of destruction

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I think that the idea of laser deflection is really cool! Hhhoweever~! We already have a sword that can be blocked, arrows that can be redirected, and hammers and fire which must just be evaded... I'd like to see something that could be blocked but not reflected, except maybe only  by enemies. :3

I would also love a laser mech like Spidertron~