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A member registered Mar 31, 2017

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Dragon Turret! It shoots rockets that explode lethally on impact, but can be cut~! :3

I've been absent due to the effects of the hurricane, but this is the first piece of work I'm going to post~

Thank you very much! I've been dealing with the aftereffects of a hurricane for a week and so I've been unable to work, but I'm blessed to be okay despite that, and glad to start working on projects once more~!

I actually have one to post today. ;3

That is a very excellent point, I thought the exact same thing, good fellow! :3

I've actually seen this! :3

I've read most of the posts on the forums~

While it's a nice idea, the sword is already quick in itself, and a jetpack makes it even more deadly. 

Also, I'd judge from their cynical attitude towards it, as hinted at in game, that the developer(s) aren't planning on adding dual wielding any time soon, though I could very easily be wrong! ^w^

I've actually seen this! :3

I've read most of the posts on the forums~

While it's a nice idea, the sword is already quick in itself, and a jetpack makes it even more deadly. 

Also, I'd judge from their cynical attitude towards it, as hinted at in game, that the developer(s) aren't planning on adding dual wielding any time soon, though I could very easily be wrong! ^w^

but at the point where you make it a slow, unwieldy weapon, it might as well be another hammer. Bows and Hammers, also, don't really change their weaponry style... they just make them more powerful.

I'd love to visit this topic and make a model for them~! It'll be on my Feature Concepts page, as with most of my artwork for the game~

I look forward to having one to display there! ovo

The one that the MK I sword robot is holding is scaled down somewhat. scaled down.

Probably too giant and overpowered to be something you could always have, but maybe to be used against enemies who are otherwise invincible..? Hmmm.

If I had access to the fire effect I';d love to toy with that. Alas, I don't~! ovo


Bigger swords!

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First creation, for PyroManiac019! :3

They suggested bigger swords~!

Maybe I'll make an even bigger one later. ;3

Yes, armor to go with her would be lovely! But only in small areas in heavy amounts, which is partially what I went with in her design. You can see an exposed core in the middle of her chest there.

If she had a shield, it would make a lot of sense for it to be extremely resistant or even indestructible, but she wouldn't be a big attacker on her own~!

I really like the sound of Colossus, but she wouldn't be a mark X~! Once I redesign her (for the third time, it would seem) I intend to... ya know, actually save the model, so I can make higher Marks for her~!

I think she'd be super cool as a miniboss. Maybe appearing periodically between things like endless stages, or as part of her own challenge! :3

Hi~! I just saw this and absolutely love it, so I'd like to model it~!

I intend to post a link to the thread once I'm done, I hope you'll like it~!

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I think that the idea of laser deflection is really cool! Hhhoweever~! We already have a sword that can be blocked, arrows that can be redirected, and hammers and fire which must just be evaded... I'd like to see something that could be blocked but not reflected, except maybe only  by enemies. :3

I would also love a laser mech like Spidertron~

I think this is a lovely idea, personally~! I think that the achievements could definitely use some fine tuning, but most of them seem just excellent! :3

Oh dear, I took so long to read that title before actually clicking the video! That's so interesting to see. My favorite parts are the clone activations.  ovo

That's an axcellent idea~!

I was thinking perhaps a tower shield, but definitely something worth of its size! :3

Hammer bots are around ~28 px high, and She's almost twice that size... so yes, much much bigger! I wasn't paying much attention to balance or fairness when I made Her~

Unfortunately, I was actually an idiot and misplaced her model. So I can't actually do anything else with Her, although there's a possibility that I'll recreate Her after choosing a random fan suggestion to do from the forum~!

Ya' girl!

She's back!

With a humongous, GIGANTIC robot!

He might be a little way too big. Sorry. ovo'

The whole drill with allowance of potential use and such, of course and of course~

If Doborog wants this, I will remove it from my own art page and agree to provide all rights and original files. -v-

I dunno if I've ever remembered to say that.

I'm back, everyone! Yes! Me! That one person!

Oh, you don't know me? ... That makes sense. ^w^

I'm sky, and I created a few fan models for clone drone in the danger zone back at the beginning of 2017. I went off on a long break, but now I'm back with a reworked shield bot in the making, and the will to create things for other people! :3

So I'll occasionally browse the fan-suggestions forum and choose one or two ideas that I really like, and model them in my (Feature Concepts: Clone Drone in the Danger Zone style) thread! Keep your eyes peeled, and I'm glad to be back, everyone~!

Analysis bot decided you would like them, sir. :P

I'm here, commentatron. <3

I am so, so sorry that I've been absent for so long! I'd love to present something to show for it, but alas, all I have is some little fragments of tedious home life!

Anyways, it looks fantastic! Usually if you post a direct image url into a post, it'll display it. The gun is great, my only suggestion is that it might be too good! Clone Drone is an awesome-sauce looking game to be sure, but it also has a somewhat simple style, so I'd recommend working on that to make it blend better~!

Aside from that, fantastic, super duper amazing work! :D

The idea for lasers being that would be small, deadly beams that would slice through robots, but, if done as they were firing, could be reflected like arrows to inflict damage on enemies. They could be traps, or alternatively be part of a new enemy.

a Laser Challenge would be an excellent promotion for them as well, similar to the way Fire was introduced.

The next thing I'm going to fix is the shield, by making it more similar to the hammer and also making it a little more compatible for upgrades (think spikes, energy field, and size.)

After that, I'll finally make a robot truly worthy of holding it.

Also, I've recently created the first two levels of the One Enemy Challenge! Check them out! :3

Hey everybody! It's me, Skylure, the creator of https://itch.io/t/70338/feature-concepts-clone-drone-in-the-danger-zone-style, and an avid fan of this game!

I've been super hyped for this level editor (even though I'm still praying for eventual mod support), so I went ahead and made two levels for the 'easiest' challenge ever: the One Enemy Challenge!* It's available right here, so check it out if you want! :3

* One Enemy, no weapons, and brutally hard levels that are nearly impossible

Ahh. You should be able to select all imported parts with 'b,' and scale them down with 's.' :3

When you render, it factors in materials.

Thank you very much! owo

I'd really love to see your work, though, and I'm sure with a little practice you could far outclass me!

there's actually a very easy way to add different effects to different parts of the model. If you look in MagicaVoxel's 'render' settings, there are different options, with 'emission' being a glowing effect. you can select that option and then export that piece like that.

the 3d camera rotation is actually a quite simple process in blender! Here's a tutorial that should be very comprehensive!

size shouldn't matter. As long as you can move and zoom your camera, you can get it just how you want it~!

I'm currently on a sort of... Hiatus, of sorts, because I'm developing my own game. I'm going to be tracking my progress here, on my deviantart page!

I would absolutely love to see this!

Making models is easier than it seems. You can pay for programs like Qubicle, and while that does provide benefits, I can give you a couple of tools to get started if you want! :3

1st on your free-program shopping list is MagicaVoxel. This program is the absolute most important one, you will actually be creating within it. It's free, and a non-intrusive program. The link can be found here. There are also plenty of tutorials for this program online, so getting accustomed is easy~!

2nd, you'll want Blender! Blender is a program specifically designed for proffessional-level 3D modelling, but if that's not what you're into, it can also be used for other things. In this case, you'll want to separately export bits of your model and import them into here, so that you can create things like animations and panning shots. The link can be found here. Blender is so widely used that you can find a tutorial for almost everything, so that should make the complex interface much less intimidating! :3

Lastly, this one is optional. Magicavoxel is fantastic, but one of its weakpoints is that it exports models very oddly, so that faces and vertices are rendered in a very illogical way in blender. If you want to fix that, you can use a simple program made by shivshank to export them more crisply, to allow for easier editing in Blender. The link can be found here, but although it is very straightforward, it is a niche program and might be confusing without prior knowledge.

So here you go! If you want to make 3D fanart for Clone Drone, this should help out a lot. :3

Thank you very very much! I really appreciate it! ^w^

Ah. See, in my understanding (and I could be very wrong, so please don't take my word for it), using a discord chat for all of the back-and-forth communications to make a server work would be next to impossible. Again, though, I'm really not sure, especially if it was a private 'chat' set up just for that purpose.

I write paragraph-length comments because I'm lonely. XD

(deviantart link)

Here is the tripod turret I wanted to make. :3

Alright, so sorry in advance if you already understand how servers work, but otherwise:

The way servers work is that you have an indefinite amount of clients (players, like you and me) and one large 'server.' All clients send the server information about where they are and what they're doing, and the server processes all of that information together, and then 'serves' the product back to everybody else. That's how multiplayer games stay consistent on different computers: they're all recieving the same information about where everybody is, etc. (and it's also why lag causes such huge problems.) That's why they're called servers. ^w^

Discord chats would be excellent, but as I understand, only for things like talking and possibly streaming. What type of server do you mean, exactly? For playing the game with other people, or just for talking about it?

As much as I'd love to be a dev, unfortunately, I'm not. I also think I'd need to increase my people skills to over 9000 to be one anyways, seeing how well Doborog interacts with the community. x3

(here is the deviantart link, as usual.)

I don't know what he would shoot, but it should be more powerful, deadly, and slow than what Spidertron does.

I'm posting a couple of things soon. Also, I found a way better way to render my looping gifs, I think. :3

the answer was probably massively overpowered. It's a short-range, high-speed attack that can't be blocked and has almost a 100% chance of killing something while they lay helplessly on the ground. XD

Cool! It's a little spartan robot, right? owo

I love this idea, and I want to make sure you know that I'm not trying to be a jerk or hypercritical, but multiplayer comes with a set of enormous problems for developers to deal with.

For a bit of context, multiplayer usually requires one of two things: Either a large server so that all players have the option to play together without latency/lag issues, or a built in Local Connection functionality. Both of these can create massive problems for developers, and if Doborog does plan on adding this feature in, it could be a long time in the making.

That being said, though, I really love your idea! owo

Multiplayer would absolutely be the bee's knees, and I think it would be great for players to find out just how much different it is when that enemy is just as smart as they are. XD

Here is the Shield Robot Enemy!!

Once again, the deviantart link where you can view my page and model downloads is here.

Some of the things I want to work on:

- Shield Robots (slightly thicker-than-usual limbs, to make severing a little extra touchy)

- Turret Robots (Tripod-mounted guns that shoot rapid-fire, high-spread bullets, that can be blocked by shields/arrow-deflect upgrades)

- Armored Walkers (Based off of the first non-humanoid robot idea, with low attack capability, but thick legs and body that make severing limbs and exposing its vulnerable core difficult and risky(Hammers and fire would be super effective, now that I think about it.)

- Some sort of miniboss-type robot (Has a strong, powerful weapon that can only be temporarily obtained by the player if they defeat it; garbage robots would fly above the player, out of reach, and take it from them after the match, as it would be counted as garbage too to prevent them from carrying it indefinitely. Maybe you will be able to steal the turret's gun?)

Anyways, I'm excited to work on these, but I would also be super excited to see other people's ideas and takes on them, so I encourage other people to beat me to it! :3