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I would absolutely love to see this!

Making models is easier than it seems. You can pay for programs like Qubicle, and while that does provide benefits, I can give you a couple of tools to get started if you want! :3

1st on your free-program shopping list is MagicaVoxel. This program is the absolute most important one, you will actually be creating within it. It's free, and a non-intrusive program. The link can be found here. There are also plenty of tutorials for this program online, so getting accustomed is easy~!

2nd, you'll want Blender! Blender is a program specifically designed for proffessional-level 3D modelling, but if that's not what you're into, it can also be used for other things. In this case, you'll want to separately export bits of your model and import them into here, so that you can create things like animations and panning shots. The link can be found here. Blender is so widely used that you can find a tutorial for almost everything, so that should make the complex interface much less intimidating! :3

Lastly, this one is optional. Magicavoxel is fantastic, but one of its weakpoints is that it exports models very oddly, so that faces and vertices are rendered in a very illogical way in blender. If you want to fix that, you can use a simple program made by shivshank to export them more crisply, to allow for easier editing in Blender. The link can be found here, but although it is very straightforward, it is a niche program and might be confusing without prior knowledge.

So here you go! If you want to make 3D fanart for Clone Drone, this should help out a lot. :3

ok, ill look at these programs and try to make a model

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do i use blender for neon effects?

Edit: i cant do a 3d cam rotation around everything, which makes it impossible. its also made my railgun pistol ray gun thingy the tiniest thing in there

there's actually a very easy way to add different effects to different parts of the model. If you look in MagicaVoxel's 'render' settings, there are different options, with 'emission' being a glowing effect. you can select that option and then export that piece like that.

the 3d camera rotation is actually a quite simple process in blender! Here's a tutorial that should be very comprehensive!

size shouldn't matter. As long as you can move and zoom your camera, you can get it just how you want it~!

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the size does. until i zoomed out in blender, i thought it was tiny, and when i zoomed out, i found this thing thats 20 times larger than the cube in the middle and was gray. but i should be set to go now.

Edit: your stuff is awesome in comparison to most things i could make, so i give this a 10/10 for your work

Ahh. You should be able to select all imported parts with 'b,' and scale them down with 's.' :3

When you render, it factors in materials.

Thank you very much! owo

I'd really love to see your work, though, and I'm sure with a little practice you could far outclass me!