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A topic by Maxp20 created Apr 16, 2017 Views: 208 Replies: 5
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Having trouble with the inferno challenge, any ideas for help?

eg. upgrade paths, strats

If a part of your body is burning, try to exit and rejoin, It will still save the level and you gain all body parts again

Try kick to delay them or kick them to environmental hazards

that's all I have

thanks for the help. That's a cool idea. Does it save your progress though? As in how many robots you've killed?

nope, but better than dying

Git Gud xD but seriously, get jetpack and use it to get out of sticky situations :)

Don't use bows, like, never, the MK4 Sword Fighters and Combine Archers can reflect your arrows, and if they do, your arrows catch on fire!

Also, make sure you always have a clone.