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A topic by Cynothus created Mar 08, 2017 Views: 488 Replies: 9
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Whenever you look up Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, a search suggestion comes up, saying Clone Drone in the danger zone free. As far as I know, since I paid for the game, it is NOT free. The first result when you search the suggestion is a GoFiles page offering the download of the game for free.


First, Is this approved by you? (I doubt it)

Second, How do you feel about this?

Third, Will you do something about it?

I am interested in your answers.

Very curious.

i think this happens to every successful game right? when all the youtuber play it

  1. Not approved.
  2. We dislike the people who upload or spread pirate copies, but have empathy for the young or poor people who choose to pirate the game.
  3. We take actions based on how bad it is. You can't win against piracy, so often time is better spent on making the next update even better.

This is what I expected. Thanks for the answers!

what he's really thinking: (Cynothus) great! now I know how to pirate the game without doborog resisting! hahaha!

p.s. in the words of pewdiepie: LOL JK

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Why would I pirate it? I already own it.

The only thing I pirate is the high seas

here's why you'd pirate the game: https://itch.io/t/66497/boats-lava-boats-naval-mode

I will pirate the game on my lava pirate boat in the pirate lava arena as I pirate the enemy robots and their pirate swords and become the best robot pirate game pirate of the virtual seven seas. MUAHAHAH