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Isn't he Commentatron?



Pls say u're joking



Release your inner dragon

Omg yeah I almost forgot about that!

I think it is a spin-off of reality

Maybe you were at the last level of the silver levels?

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And maybe if the human's legs were chopped/sliced/smashed-by-a-hammer/wutever, then they would say something like this maybe?:

"Break a leg human! Hahaha"

Nah, that was terrible. But, you know, something like that I guess.

He said only this weekend I think

I guess you could say Spidertron 5000 is a little... BUGGY!


They shall be missed dearly.

*respectful bow shooting* (because there aren't any guns)

Well, what about Spidertron Double-7 O?

Haha, geddit? Heh, heh...um...sorry. :)

Without your ear, you would not be able to see!

Yeah, that would be cool!

Maybe you can call expert mode hardcore mode?

Yeah! And maybe it could be slowly built in the corner of the upgrade room, and maybe you can cut off limbs and heads and whatnot and all of those parts would contribute to the junk monster and maybe when it finishes it can become like a kind of clone and you can run towards your enemies with a crazy 3-legged clone robot! :)

And then maybe after a while it could explode and everything the shrapnel touches would be damaged and its kind of like a suicide bomber, except it didn't suicide.

Ooh, that would be awesome!

And maybe we could get a replay feature or something? So we could watch our replays and maybe make montages?

Haha, yeah like maybe macho garbage bots with guns and moustaches.

Yeah like tin pest maybe? Or steel pest? :)

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Can we also make weapons instead of new characters?

And maybe they could look like the garbage bots! :)

This story would move a grown man to tears in 2 seconds!

But it still did make me cry. ;(

Oh, ok. :)

*enthusiastic clapping*

Amazing! World Class!

But does Spider-Tron 6000 die?

Oh, I geddit. So you would turn into that enemy robot and someone else would take over your original human body?

And also,


I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm just a grammar guy :)

But if you're hacking, wouldn't your original human robot become vulnerable since you would be controlling an enemy robot? Unless you had maybe another set of controls for controlling the hacked robot(s)?

Ooh! And maybe the oil would keep on gradually spilling out and the robot would get slower and slower until all the oil spills out and it becomes either totally still or dead?

Yayzers! :)

But maybe you have to unlock them and also have to wait for them to recharge?

I tried the first bug, and I fell out of the arena and fell forever. :)

I think it is a human robot getting its face stabbed through. :)

Ok thanks! :)

Nice, but I dont understand the Acrobatics upgrade.

Or what about an upgrade that lets you use the sword to knock the enemy's sword to the floor?

What about only 3 or 4 small ones?

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Can there be a grabbing function? Like maybe you can use the right mouse button when you are beside a dead robot body and you could pick it up with your non-sword hand and use it as a disposable body shield. Or maybe you could just grab onto those green garbage bots and be able to hang on to them, just to make them easier to destroy. :)

And also could we have a first-person mode? Sometimes when I back up to a wall, the camera goes outside of the arena and I can't see.

What about a shotgun that u have to manually reload?