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Some ideas.

A topic by Violet_twilight created Oct 08, 2016 Views: 294 Replies: 8
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Endless arena mode.

Challenge mode. e.g. try to defeat those 5 super-deadly-spinning robot balls in 2 minutes.. idunno, something like that.



Emp grenades? Energy guns? Any other energy based weapon.




Pick up sliced bits of your opponents and shoot them back like shrapnel. High velocity, low penetration/damage, high or medium reload speed.


You spin your sword/hammer/bow(?) and kill things. :I

Healing(or some sort of):

Pick up lying robot parts of your dead opponets and attach those to your clone drone, heal yourself! yay! Only 1 use per level.

Baddass selfdestruction:

If you have already purchased a clone, you can blow your self, make a big explosion, kill lotsa robots, yay. You cant buy another clone within 2-4 levels after B.A.S.D.

Maybe more ideas later, thanks for checking out this ones :D

What spinny ball things? was i supposed to get an update email?

I just made that one up. But, you know... theres gonna be more enemy types in future, yeah.

Cool ideas!

I like the magnetism one especially. The body parts are an interesting gameplay element that would be fun to highlight and play with.


Hey, ever thought about shotgun? bullet spread.. high knock back, enemy parts fly away, robot legs, robot heads...

Hi i think quick switching from bow to sword or other way around (and new weapons) would be a nice feature and you could change the controls yourself. PS great game keep it up

i think a upgrade for the bow where you shoot multiple arrows would be cool instead of adding a shotgun


What about a shotgun that u have to manually reload?

I think it should be a rifle so it shoots one shot not 20 small ones that's a bit op

What about only 3 or 4 small ones?