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:D I really want to help you make this game better.

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Hey! I was thinking about maybe i can translating this game to russian. There is not much text right now in the game, i think i can do stuff like this? I know, maybe not much russians play this game right now, and maybe this is unnecessary... Just answer me "yes" or "no", ok :I?

Hey, ever thought about shotgun? bullet spread.. high knock back, enemy parts fly away, robot legs, robot heads...

haha... i think i overtexted a little bit here :D

I kinda wanted spider tron 6k to be a joke. Like "And now, behold the spider tron six thousand!! :O" *a big robot spider falls down from that big ship. Comment. tron and Analysis bot saying something like this "His legs twice as long than 5k's, we added scary robot eyebrows, a second grenade launcher and bla-blabl-lbla" *Spider tron 6k falls down in the arena, stays in one place for a second, then shoots two grenades and falls down from recoil and really, really long legs, and then blows up (gravitation, center of mass and stuff)* Commentators after a few moments "We must start research on spider tron seven thousand!"

ohhh, this idea is so bad, but im going to post it anyway! :D

But, c'mon dude. Its just a beggining of a game :D im sure dev's will add much many enemies, much many difficulty will be added in the game (i hope it'll be more difficult). And mind you, if you some protection to those spiderses eyes. Like, you can only hit that red core from behind (you cant really reach that by jumping and slicing), and spider always tries to turn its front to you, and theres like bombs everywhere, and spider tron 6000 has protection from his own bombs. So that means the only way to kill spiders is to 1:snipe its butthole with any projectile (arrows, bullets, lasers, etc) 2:chop off its legs and FINISH IT! EHEHEEHEE~

I think Erik talked about this one too. Its a difficult choice between "Omg i just 1-hit-sliced that super-deadly-blowy-thing" AND "Ok, so i did some damage to that robots armor, now i can kill it" I personaly think that combinning those two would be cool "Woah, i just sliced that robot's armor, cos i hit the WEAK spot, now i can probably kill it with eazz, if its not kills me before :I"

well, his mind may change since last time he said something.. its not like he needs random people to talk for him, at least he didnt asked me to do this :I

weapon cUstomization*; emperOr*

Erik said somewhere that multiplayer will come out in later updates. He also said somewhere around here that modding is quite possible, but he wants to make game bigger and better. Endless mod comes out in the next update! woo-hooo! I dont know when the next update comes out.

I dont know if i should answer those questions, cos they are not for me :I Can i do stuff like that? Pls answer me senpai.

That reminded me of Assasin's Creed trailer:D. I dont remember which one though....

But yeah.. cool idea. And maybe your robot will be slightly buffed, for example: enemies cant block your sword attacks, but theres like A LOT of enemies, like you said. Maybe it gonna be like one of endless mod wave/level or something. I really do love to cut through metal with laser swords and stuff too, yeah C:<.

So i found more, yep :I

1: 1 of the robots in double spider tron 5000 level got stuck in dead spiders legs. he just couldnt move untill i moved him myself.

2: So sometimes your sword goes right through emeny and not dealing any damage, i dont know why. And arrows sometimes go through that spot between legs and not dealing any damage.

Add lasers, wall turrets, falling/disappearing floor, mines, etc.

same happend for me a few times. I think when enemy slices your arm off, while you are holding a bow.. uhh, the game should kill you, but sometimes something happens (*code magic*) and the game thinks that you are dead, but still can move because magic. And then your body twists cos ,again, reeeeaaasoons.... =_=

Oh my god, you are a genius! And maybe some arena making things, like, build a very dangerous arena, with saws and lasers and other traps and stuff. When this game hits steam, Erik should open steam workshop for this game, yussh' c:

I found another one! :D

On that level, where archers stand on high placed red plank you have to climb the blue stair thing.. umm. the point is that you can go under that blue stair and jump in it mario style, you wont fall down if you keep smashing into that blue stair, you can climb like that and walk(jump) under red plank, where archers stand, and you can even kill them through that plank. I dont know if you already fixed that. Just want to help :P

I just made that one up. But, you know... theres gonna be more enemy types in future, yeah.



Endless arena mode.

Challenge mode. e.g. try to defeat those 5 super-deadly-spinning robot balls in 2 minutes.. idunno, something like that.



Emp grenades? Energy guns? Any other energy based weapon.




Pick up sliced bits of your opponents and shoot them back like shrapnel. High velocity, low penetration/damage, high or medium reload speed.


You spin your sword/hammer/bow(?) and kill things. :I

Healing(or some sort of):

Pick up lying robot parts of your dead opponets and attach those to your clone drone, heal yourself! yay! Only 1 use per level.

Baddass selfdestruction:

If you have already purchased a clone, you can blow your self, make a big explosion, kill lotsa robots, yay. You cant buy another clone within 2-4 levels after B.A.S.D.

Maybe more ideas later, thanks for checking out this ones :D

Yay! bugfixes! This game has so much potential. Thank you so much! :O

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I dont if those are really worth devs time, i just want to help :I


You can smash jump button and climb walls in the upgrade room, then go trough walls! D: and then end a level. ( Its where you can see garbage room behind the window in upgrade room)


So i got a kick (skill), and then made a clone :O and then i kicked my clone on the floor, and then pushed him to the elevator! I was pushing him by just slamming in his body, but he go stuck on that little edge, between elevator and floor, so i tried to chop my clones leg, and i did, we went up to arena! (slicing something from liyng clone makes them shift on the floor for some reason) :O And then I died to archers, respawned already in arena with that new clone, but archers wasnt shooting me! I killed all archers and arena reset, but nobody wasnt attacking me! and then i killed everybody! and arena reset again! but nobody wasnt.... you got the point :I


You can step on a stopped saw and it will send you flying.. well not really flying, but its like higher than your normal jump by 2.5 times.