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Ideas and some questions

A topic by Gorakh created Oct 14, 2016 Views: 460 Replies: 15
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I've already read that the game will get an endless mode, but if you're going to do that you'll need to add more upgrades, the upgrades arent that many at the moment but it wont be hard to find suggestions for new upgrades :D. Some things i think should be in the game:

  • Upgradable character. Like movement speed, weapon damage and that kind of stuff
  • Spider-tron 6000. Legs twice as long as the 5000 version, 6 legs, shoots bombs and has a mark 3 combat archer sitting on top firing arrows at you.
  • Armor customization. You can choose the color of it, buy more blocks and buying better blocks that can take more damage. And the more blocks you add the heavier the armor gets, causing you to move slower.
  • Weapon costomization. Pretty much the same as armor customization but instead of taking more damage it will do more damage. This could keep endless mode from having a lot of upgrades and still have enjoiment even when you have all the upgrades. (This will also make you slower just like the armor)
  • Emperer boss fight. Pretty simple, You fight the emperer robot. (Could be the last boss fight if you feel like it)
  • Replay. You can record replays and watch them. (And maybe upload them to somewhere) And being able to slow down and speed up the replays while youre watching them.

Some questions:

  • Will there be multiplayer?
  • Will there be mod support?

(BTW does endless mode come in the next update? If so, when do you think that update will come out?)

BTW(again) you have a great game and you should not doubt it, keep up the good work!

    weapon cUstomization*; emperOr*

    Erik said somewhere that multiplayer will come out in later updates. He also said somewhere around here that modding is quite possible, but he wants to make game bigger and better. Endless mod comes out in the next update! woo-hooo! I dont know when the next update comes out.

    I dont know if i should answer those questions, cos they are not for me :I Can i do stuff like that? Pls answer me senpai.

    Why would he not want you to?

    well, his mind may change since last time he said something.. its not like he needs random people to talk for him, at least he didnt asked me to do this :I

    oh, you guys should feel free to answer already answered questions. You can always link to the forum post.

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    Also, something you should fix is the spider-tron 5000, it can be killed instantly by shooting an arrow at its head or jumping and attacking under it. I don't know if you're supposed to be able to do that. If not, i suggest fixing it, otherwise the spider-tron 5000 will become too easy to kill. :/

    I think Erik talked about this one too. Its a difficult choice between "Omg i just 1-hit-sliced that super-deadly-blowy-thing" AND "Ok, so i did some damage to that robots armor, now i can kill it" I personaly think that combinning those two would be cool "Woah, i just sliced that robot's armor, cos i hit the WEAK spot, now i can probably kill it with eazz, if its not kills me before :I"

    Yeah, that is true, but the spider-tron just feels so weak and easy to kill, it should at least be a bit more of a challenge to kill them tho :/

    But, c'mon dude. Its just a beggining of a game :D im sure dev's will add much many enemies, much many difficulty will be added in the game (i hope it'll be more difficult). And mind you, if you some protection to those spiderses eyes. Like, you can only hit that red core from behind (you cant really reach that by jumping and slicing), and spider always tries to turn its front to you, and theres like bombs everywhere, and spider tron 6000 has protection from his own bombs. So that means the only way to kill spiders is to 1:snipe its butthole with any projectile (arrows, bullets, lasers, etc) 2:chop off its legs and FINISH IT! EHEHEEHEE~

    Yeah, I guess you're right, i do like those ideas for spider-tron 6000 tho :P


    I kinda wanted spider tron 6k to be a joke. Like "And now, behold the spider tron six thousand!! :O" *a big robot spider falls down from that big ship. Comment. tron and Analysis bot saying something like this "His legs twice as long than 5k's, we added scary robot eyebrows, a second grenade launcher and bla-blabl-lbla" *Spider tron 6k falls down in the arena, stays in one place for a second, then shoots two grenades and falls down from recoil and really, really long legs, and then blows up (gravitation, center of mass and stuff)* Commentators after a few moments "We must start research on spider tron seven thousand!"

    ohhh, this idea is so bad, but im going to post it anyway! :D

    That would be funny tho XD


    lol, you should post this sort of thing in the fan fiction forum. :P

    haha... i think i overtexted a little bit here :D

    yeah, Spidertron 5000 is a little bit too easy.

    That said, I'll be adding more Spidertron variants, so they will likely increase in difficulty.

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    Nice! What did you think about the other ideas? Were they good?

    Yes, there are some interesting things there. Experimenting with armor is on my list.

    Weapon damage is harder, since there is no numerical value for your health that's easy to tweak. I can make it destroy a wider area when you hit though. Definitely something to think about. :)

    Deleted post

    would love a big armored slow guy that wears a helmet makes it impossible to cut it's head, carries a big 2 handed sword and blocks and blocks arrows