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my dream in this game was to reach titanium and yesterday I didn't only reach it but I reached level 26 in titanium what was your high score tell me

My skill tree:

jetpack bots.... I HATE THEM

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i know this is the weirdest idea ever but the game's fight song is pretty good but I would love more or an option to put our own music and when it starts I know it is so simple besides the all ideas of new weapons which are too epic and will take along time to make while mine I think is pretty easy and simple

you love using the bow right? Me too especially with aim time

if this weapon is added it would be fair to require 2 upgrade points to unlock it

sorry my tablet was broken a bit it happens alot

I think that will need a lot of balancing cause it is too OP I mean if an enemy bot has one of those things you are sure dead

I think that will need a lot of balancing cause it is too OP I mean if an enemy bot has one of those things you are sure dead

I think that will need a lot of balancing cause it is too OP I mean if an enemy bot has one of those things you are sure dead

okay thanks for the tips

Is it coming with the upcoming update the way to fix your bot?

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i got the the red screen and my game crashed I have the screenshot but how do I send it

and also I found a bug that I have been using for a while now if I lose my leg or my hand or any body parts and I go back to the menu and come back everything gets repaired

hello well you came for the bug anyways the bug is that when i die and I press next human and then I press space bar while the robot is being created and after it the game restarts and I have to restart the game to be able to play again

hope the new spikes doesn't make alot for lag for me

a machine that fires arrows

can you please add a fix upgrade or a better armor upgrade pls my hand and my leg always get cut or maybe you can add that you get repaired everytime you get an upgrade!!!


heh spidertron 4000 would be so easy because those annoucer laughed at him

while i was playing in endless mode i was just starting in the first level then i had 2 archeres and 4 robots i killed the 2 archers first then 1 of the robots killed himself by the sawblade then I KILLED THE 3 ROBOTS IN ONE SWIPE i was so shocked then now you tell me what was the best combo you got??

well i was just training in story mode when my robot was being built i found out that my human name is Mickey boone is this an easter egg or I don't know luck

good hope it's a free patch


thx any help is appreciated

heh I just started yesterday and I reached 8 gold

*face palm*

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guys pls help I am having a bad time with the endless mode can u pls tell me what the best upgrades and when to get them (I don't need tactics I just want the best timing)

WAIT HOW DID U GET THOSE 98 POINT MODS?? HACKS?? or just playing with the save file?

GOD DOGBORG THIS BUG IS JUST AHHHHHHHHHHHH sorry for that just raging a little bit anyways the bug is obvious and everybody will find it anyways here it is THE ARROWS PASS FROM BODIES NORMALLY EVEN WHEN WIDTH IS III MAN SO HARD TO DEAL WITH NOW BOWS HAS NO USE AT ALL PLS FIX IN A FREE PATCH

help i was playing normally then when i was going to get an upgrade i jumped into the painting or windows or whatever then i fell in the void pls fix this

why a gun when you have a bow

would love a big armored slow guy that wears a helmet makes it impossible to cut it's head, carries a big 2 handed sword and blocks and blocks arrows

yeah one day it happened in the mark 3 combat archers i kicked one of them then he got stuck out of the wall had to kill myself to contniue playing

nothing (yet)

yeah like not escaping and when this robot spite thing come you are just like "NOPE"

the sawblades are really helpful sometimes but when it keeps cutting the body parts at makes a huge lag cuz my computer isn't strong enough to survive the lag (yet) also try to increase the game peroformance bec as i said before my computer isn't strong yet and i am trying to get the game in any better grapics (note on my computer the game runs fine with fast grapics only :( ) and i want it on good or anything but fast pls fix