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wow the combo in this game..

A topic by eagle6144 created Nov 02, 2016 Views: 310 Replies: 6
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while i was playing in endless mode i was just starting in the first level then i had 2 archeres and 4 robots i killed the 2 archers first then 1 of the robots killed himself by the sawblade then I KILLED THE 3 ROBOTS IN ONE SWIPE i was so shocked then now you tell me what was the best combo you got??

an archer killed 2 purple bots chasing me...technically it's not my combo but still it was funny af


My best combo was when I used a Jetpack and sliced ALL of Spidertron 5000's legs, and I think I killed a MK3 Combat Swordsman while doing this

I killed 4 MK1 swords in death cube with a bow.


In Death Cube 2.0 I literally didn't swing my sword once, all of the Sword Robots commited suicide, and I kicked the Combat Archers in the hole where the Sword Robots fell.

yeah that happens every time just jetpack in circles around the hole and they all fall in lol

I try to shoot the archers while I am launched in but I have limited success, so I end up kicking...

thats my fav level.

But he should make it that the only way out of the cube is through the middle so you can't run away