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Yeah, I guess you're right, i do like those ideas for spider-tron 6000 tho :P


I kinda wanted spider tron 6k to be a joke. Like "And now, behold the spider tron six thousand!! :O" *a big robot spider falls down from that big ship. Comment. tron and Analysis bot saying something like this "His legs twice as long than 5k's, we added scary robot eyebrows, a second grenade launcher and bla-blabl-lbla" *Spider tron 6k falls down in the arena, stays in one place for a second, then shoots two grenades and falls down from recoil and really, really long legs, and then blows up (gravitation, center of mass and stuff)* Commentators after a few moments "We must start research on spider tron seven thousand!"

ohhh, this idea is so bad, but im going to post it anyway! :D

That would be funny tho XD


lol, you should post this sort of thing in the fan fiction forum. :P

haha... i think i overtexted a little bit here :D