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Yes, they could use quite a bit of fine tuning, but those were just ones that I came up with on the spot, so, it's far from perfect

Regarding the video: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm still experimenting with what type of videos I want to make and I am far from settling on one specific subject.

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I know the game is still in early development, but, it'd be fun to have some more achievements in the game.

Here are examples that I came up with:

  • [No name given]: Chapter 1 and 2 (and 3 when it's added ofc). This one is pretty simple, we already have achievements for completing the challenges, so, why not when you complete a chapter?
  • Return To Sender: Kill an archer with its own arrow by deflecting it.
  • Friendly Fire: Make an enemy kill another enemy for you
  • Robot Killer: Kill a specified amount of robots(not including garbage bots and your own clones). Different achievements/tiers for killing different amounts, for example: Scrap Collector(at 25 robot kills), Cleanup Service Worker(at 50), Robot Killer(100), Robot Slaughterer(250), Robot Murderer(500), Robot Assassin(750), Robot Serial Killer(1,000), Robot Eliminator(1,500), Robot Terminator(2,500), Commentatron is Impressed!(3,500), Analasys-bot is Impressed!(5,000), The Emperor Is Noticing Your Existence!(7,500), The Emperor Is Impressed!(10,000), and finally, The Emperor Is Very Impressed!(25,000)
  • Human: 1, Challenges: 0: Pretty simple, complete all challenges and you get this achievement.
  • Spider-tron-5000 Can't Be Hurt By Inferior Technology!: Kill a spider tron 5000 with sawblades/fire and prove them wrong!
  • You ain't getting a new one!: Kill one of your own clones
  • Maximum Robot Achieved!: Get every single upgrade possible in the game(excluding clones and repair)
  • Completionist: Get every single achievement in the game(excluding this one ofc)

That's it, again, I know the game is still in early development, but some more achievements would add a lot more replayability(which it already has quite a lot of tbh), but, this is just my personal opinion on the matter.

The achievement names could easily be changed, these were just the names i came up with on the spot.

Also, if you're gonna leave a comment, please don't spoil chapter 3 for me ok? I want to experience it blind(aka not knowing anything about it)

P.S. Is there a more precise date for when chapter 3 comes out, the steam page just says mid-September. Which isn't bad in itself, but it'd be nice to have a more precise date :3

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Here's your reward:

the same thing happened to me

it could also maybe be the "Q" button, its used in paint the town red at least and it controls fine

I dont think anyone is going to play this game with the trackpad or any game for that matter :P

i know that, but i just wanted to bring up a version of what you said that is already in the game. Its not the same thing but it is pretty similar to what you said

Maybe a boss with a sheild? Its probably not going to be spider-tron 7000 tho.. But maybe... But a sheild boss would be cool to have in the game, espeacially for later levels of endless mode

They would be a good reason to have the kick other than only sawblades

or maybe there could be spikes that come out of the ground? And maybe spikes that only comes up when a player or an enemy walks on them, kinda like in Pain the town red arena mode if youve played it :P

Multiplayer will defenatley come to the game when it releases on steam in 2017(idk when) or maybe even before that :O

Erik has said himself that he at some point would like to add so that the announcers will react to you not doing what your supposed to do. For example, shooting them with arrows. This does however already exist in the game. The announcers will react and say certain things if you dont go to the elevator after a you beat a level, try it yourself

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Ive been obsessed with endless mode ever since it was released and its a lot of fun, but clones has become a lot less helpful in the newest update, and yes i know its just balancing the game to not make it too easy. But i have some ideas to fix that and still keeping a balance.

  • Making clones uses the main power of the upgrade center and so does normal upgrades, the power recharges by 50 everytime you beat a level, clones take 60 power to create and other upgrades take only 10. And of course getting rid of the max cap of clones which is five. This would make clones a bit more reliable and helpful in battle but still remaining balanced.
  • Making clones saves the current upgrades you have when you create it. When you die and take over the clones your upgrades goes back to when you made the clones. And you can also update all of your clones to your current upgrades, this will cost 1 upgrade point for every two clones you update.

These were just some ideas i came up with on the spot, its not the best of ideas but hey, this page isnt just about good ideas, its about helping the game progress forward and share our ideas.. Right?...

Maybe, idk

Thanks! I feel like its needed to make endless mode not too hard, maybe there will be different difficulties? For example Easy mode. Repairing and clones are on, enemies are easy to kill. Normal mode. Repairing and clones are on, enemies are the same as they are now. Hard mode. Repairing is off, clones are on, Enemies take more hits than you do before dying. Expert mode. Repairing and clones are off, Enemies are the same as in hard mode but you die from 1 hit anywhere

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something quite annoying is when you lose a leg and move incredibly slow and its almost a guaranteed death if you lose a leg.

A way to fix it is that similar to customizable armor (If it will be added) that you build yourself, you build back the limb you lost(Maybe you have to spend an upgrade point to be able to repair idk). And as you progress in the game you unlock new parts that can for example increase your movement speed. I think it would be very useful in endless mode so that you can actually have a way to heal yourself if you lose a limb or take damage other than using clones

2 days left until the next update!!! SO MUCH HYPE!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!

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I was thinking that the new player that comes in takes over the hacked robot and help to fight rather than the new players taking control of yours.

Also, it was just a typo, but thanks anyway :P

I thought about that right after i posted it and it would be cool if it was a type of multiplayer maybe. So that 2 players spawn first and than if one of the players hacks a robot, another player can join or something :P

Other suggestions for upgrades: Faster processing speed. (Slow motion that uses 1 energy bar every 5 (irl)seconds to work) Hacking. (You control the robot you use it on, other robots will not attack you unless you reaveal it to them(killing something). This will take 1 energy bar every 3 seconds to work)

Weapon suggestions: Throwable weapon. (A throwable weapon of some kind. Idk what tho)

Its kinda like a fast retreat function if there's too many enemies around you or something, didn't really pay much attention to if it made sense or not :P

Something that would be cool is that different charachters specalize in different weapons so that for example you can start with the bow and you have to use upgrade points in order to get the sword like when you have to use upgrade points to get the bow. And something that should be in the game is sword upgrades such as: Faster swing(Less chance for your attacks to be blocked. this will however decrease your accuracy or maybe range idk). Longer swords(You will have a 20% range bonus for each upgrade assuming there is more than 1, upgrading this will decreace your attack speed by 15%. if you upgrade this to max you can get dual swords).

Other upgrades: Acrobatics(A backwards jump when right clicking with the sword equipped, this will slightly increase your movement speed but decreasing armour and you take a bit more damage.)

(If other weapons are added you can of course spawn with them equipped too)

BTW, soooo hyped about the next update :D. Its going to be awesome!


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Erik has said that armor experimentation is on his list, but its probably not comming for the next update or 2.

(He might have changed his mind so this may not be 100% accurate :/)

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Something ive wondered about the game is "Where does the game take place?", "Is it on another planet?", "If its on another planet, how did the robots get there?". And a quick suggestion: Sometime in the game it would be awesome to go back to earth (assuming its on another planet) and kill off the robot invasion. That would be cool. And ive already brought this up, but fighting the emperor robot would make an awesome bossfight! Perhaps on his ship? Or maybe he catches up to you outside of the arena? Either way, it would be awesome.

Sorry the title is crap, i just didnt know what to call it...

Something ive already brought up is weapon costomisation. But something i came up with just now is that a weapon could have durability and if your weapon breaks in battle you continue the fight with your bare hands and you have to spend an upgrade point to get a new one or repair it. Maybe its a bit unfair for the player but it would be cool to punch and kick your way through the waves.

Also something else to add is a kicking animation and being able to do damage with kicks.

It would be funny if that was the way you unlocked endless mode tho XD

At the end of the game you go to the garbage room to escape right? It would be funny if that was the way you unlock endless mode if you go to the elevator when you're supposed to go to the garbage room. Or maybe there will be an easter egg? Either way, it would be funny.

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Nice! What did you think about the other ideas? Were they good?

That would be funny tho XD

Yeah, I guess you're right, i do like those ideas for spider-tron 6000 tho :P

Yeah, that is true, but the spider-tron just feels so weak and easy to kill, it should at least be a bit more of a challenge to kill them tho :/

Why would he not want you to?

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Also, something you should fix is the spider-tron 5000, it can be killed instantly by shooting an arrow at its head or jumping and attacking under it. I don't know if you're supposed to be able to do that. If not, i suggest fixing it, otherwise the spider-tron 5000 will become too easy to kill. :/

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I've already read that the game will get an endless mode, but if you're going to do that you'll need to add more upgrades, the upgrades arent that many at the moment but it wont be hard to find suggestions for new upgrades :D. Some things i think should be in the game:

  • Upgradable character. Like movement speed, weapon damage and that kind of stuff
  • Spider-tron 6000. Legs twice as long as the 5000 version, 6 legs, shoots bombs and has a mark 3 combat archer sitting on top firing arrows at you.
  • Armor customization. You can choose the color of it, buy more blocks and buying better blocks that can take more damage. And the more blocks you add the heavier the armor gets, causing you to move slower.
  • Weapon costomization. Pretty much the same as armor customization but instead of taking more damage it will do more damage. This could keep endless mode from having a lot of upgrades and still have enjoiment even when you have all the upgrades. (This will also make you slower just like the armor)
  • Emperer boss fight. Pretty simple, You fight the emperer robot. (Could be the last boss fight if you feel like it)
  • Replay. You can record replays and watch them. (And maybe upload them to somewhere) And being able to slow down and speed up the replays while youre watching them.

Some questions:

  • Will there be multiplayer?
  • Will there be mod support?

(BTW does endless mode come in the next update? If so, when do you think that update will come out?)

BTW(again) you have a great game and you should not doubt it, keep up the good work!