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A topic by xNinjaShadowx created Nov 07, 2016 Views: 257 Replies: 8
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I do not have the game my self yet but i am in love with it i have easily seen 80 episodes of different people over the week end and i had a idea recently you only have saws and some razed platforms but what if you had other things like holes with bridges or even a big hole with bridges some lower some at the normal level there are so many different elements that you can do with jest holes alone!!

or maybe there could be spikes that come out of the ground? And maybe spikes that only comes up when a player or an enemy walks on them, kinda like in Pain the town red arena mode if youve played it :P


I've seen those spike traps! I prototyped a variant of them a while back, and they were pretty neat. Might add them at some point. :)

What other traps could you think of?

They would be a good reason to have the kick other than only sawblades

Hmmm, what about a wrecking ball or mace spinning around, the wrecking ball would only knock you down, but the mace would pierce and could kill you. Also, maybe moving lasers, and the robots could jump when they pass!

a machine that fires arrows


Flamethrowers, Wallmounted lasers, Mines,

i like the mines!! Little red dots on the ground. Where do you step.

you could have things falling or ships dropping things on you.