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Repairing suggestions

A topic by Gorakh created Oct 27, 2016 Views: 199 Replies: 6
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something quite annoying is when you lose a leg and move incredibly slow and its almost a guaranteed death if you lose a leg.

A way to fix it is that similar to customizable armor (If it will be added) that you build yourself, you build back the limb you lost(Maybe you have to spend an upgrade point to be able to repair idk). And as you progress in the game you unlock new parts that can for example increase your movement speed. I think it would be very useful in endless mode so that you can actually have a way to heal yourself if you lose a limb or take damage other than using clones


Yes, I still haven't added a way to repair yourself. Luckily the jetpack can be used to compensate for losing a leg now. You can be very mobile in short bursts.

Some sort of repair upgrade is on the TODO-list.


Thanks! I feel like its needed to make endless mode not too hard, maybe there will be different difficulties? For example Easy mode. Repairing and clones are on, enemies are easy to kill. Normal mode. Repairing and clones are on, enemies are the same as they are now. Hard mode. Repairing is off, clones are on, Enemies take more hits than you do before dying. Expert mode. Repairing and clones are off, Enemies are the same as in hard mode but you die from 1 hit anywhere

Maybe you can call expert mode hardcore mode?

Maybe, idk


I think the animation for the repair should be the same as when you spawn like if you lose a leg it will take the hole piece off and put a new leg on

At the moment, you can remove all damage by exiting the game and re-opening it. Not exactly "fixing", but it works.