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A topic by Gorakh created Nov 08, 2016 Views: 245 Replies: 1
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Ive been obsessed with endless mode ever since it was released and its a lot of fun, but clones has become a lot less helpful in the newest update, and yes i know its just balancing the game to not make it too easy. But i have some ideas to fix that and still keeping a balance.

  • Making clones uses the main power of the upgrade center and so does normal upgrades, the power recharges by 50 everytime you beat a level, clones take 60 power to create and other upgrades take only 10. And of course getting rid of the max cap of clones which is five. This would make clones a bit more reliable and helpful in battle but still remaining balanced.
  • Making clones saves the current upgrades you have when you create it. When you die and take over the clones your upgrades goes back to when you made the clones. And you can also update all of your clones to your current upgrades, this will cost 1 upgrade point for every two clones you update.

These were just some ideas i came up with on the spot, its not the best of ideas but hey, this page isnt just about good ideas, its about helping the game progress forward and share our ideas.. Right?...

I think the clones are fine as they are.

CDITDZ is a very hard game in itself; it was designed that way.

I believe that clones will not change, as for now, they are in their suitable spot.

By the way, here's some reasons to why your fixing ideas might be rejected:

1. If you did this, you would essentially have infinite clones, which could make the game too easy.

also you'd be able to get 5 upgrades per level, which is no good

2. I visualised this a while ago, but I rejected it in the form of being too harsh. Of course, back then, I wasn't thinking of the updating. Personally, I don't think that the updating would work, simply because of having too many clones. If it reset the clones, this still wouldn't be a suitable option, as instead of updating, you could simply get a new one and save the luxuries for later.

You'd also have more backup plans.

This idea is more of a 'hard-mode' idea if you don't include the updating (which would be very complicated, too complicated for the human's tiny minds)