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A topic by Mr Gricnh created Nov 08, 2016 Views: 320 Replies: 11
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Basically, on the sword tree I believe there should be a "shield branch" in which you could use a shield using right mouse button to block arrows, swords, and the bombs. Obviously you should not be able to attack while using shield, and you would be defenseless from behind.

I like the idea of this, but I think it could exploited very easily and people would rush to it like the arrow deflection upgrade. But hey, that's what balancing is for :P

Despite what most people think, the arrow deflection arrow upgrade isn't that good.

It's mostly best for beginners, but in reality, the jetpack and the kick have so much more potential.

Once people start to master the game and realise that it isn't that good in reality, more people will start to go for the other upgrades, like the jetpack, bow and kick.

I love the jetpack, it is SUPER OP, in the case where you can just hit and run enemies, so you dice them up all while getting out unscathed. I also really love the bow, but my aim is terrible and half the time I am forced to use the sword because my arm got lopped off. I still really love the deflection though, cause it has saved my life and gotten me kills more times than I can count. But that's just my two-sense on the subject :P

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The jetpack isn't OP.

Neither is any of the weapons.

The Jetpack is made for fast manouvers. If you are quick at moving and have good reflexes, and know how to use it, then yes, the jetpack is OP. Same as all of the other upgrades.

The bow is OP is you can aim properly, simple as that.

Deflection isn't that good. It leaves you vulnerable in later levels, as archers are positioned in better and better places.

The deflection is easy to use, and better for earlier stages. That's why lots of people are flocking towards it.

Though I will agree, it can be useful in lots of situations.

(Then again, I'm no master of this game myself. I just got it 3 days ago!)

A little balancing might be required for this to be added, such as it taking longer to pull and take it out, moving slower whilst it is out, and even consuming energy while it is out.

I bet I'll add a shield to some enemy at some point. It remains to be seen whether or not it would add much to give it to the player.

Definitely fits into the overall established landscape of melee combat, but I don't want to add it just because it's possible. :)

You could make it so it was a bit down the tree, and some other people have ideas to nerf it.

Maybe a boss with a sheild? Its probably not going to be spider-tron 7000 tho.. But maybe... But a sheild boss would be cool to have in the game, espeacially for later levels of endless mode


you could have it destructible so you have to spend time on it

Maybe the shield could only take so much damage until it breaks and you will have to get another shield. Also you could get upgrades for the damage it can take in.

I agree that a sheild would be pretty good