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Recent community posts

i like the sound of most of these

I think it would be cool if there was a grenade weapon. It launches the bombs from spidertron. The way I see it is that its already in the game so all you need is a way to fire them. (maybe add it to the bow)

Do know if it happened to any of you but at one point i got blown sky high outside of the map. Don't know what lead to it but it was hilarious. Also it would be nice if the jet pack stopped as soon as i let go of the shift button rather than a second or two after.

It'd be cool if you had to climb the boss

Yea actually its random names would be good in multiplayer too, nice change from what you were saying

Everyones rambling on about personalised names but I like it as it is, like its interesting to hear each name. Maybe if multiplayer is released peesonalised name would be good but ither than thatvi want it to stay the same

It would be good later on in endless mode when theres not much left to buy

At the moment its really annoying when you die, it would be pretty cool to have a mode where theres just a constant steam of robots without the elevator and stuff

I like how it is right now but it woulb be ice to get the option to flip around the controls

Can you also make upgrade bot fix you if you have lost a leg, its dull to have to push through with one leg

I agree that a sheild would be pretty good

It would be cool is there was an upgrade that increased the speed of your arrow

Having different types of arenas would be pretty cool

Kai (first name)